The Dropout Prevention Specialist Workbook: A How-To Guide for Building Skills and Competence in Education

ISBN : 9780190090845

Howard M. Blonsky
192 Pages
156 x 156 mm
Pub date
Jan 2020
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Despite policy efforts at the state and federal levels, the school dropout rate for students in the United States is estimated at a staggering 500,000-to-1,000,000 children and youth per year. And while school social workers and other professionals working with truancy and school dropout issues are well positioned to offer assistance as Dropout Prevention Specialists (DPSs), an overwhelming number of those who fill such roles go vastly undertrained and underprepared for the demands they face. Authored by a nationally leading specialist in dropout prevention, this workbook serves as a how-to guide for those in the helping professions who serve in an intervention or dropout-prevention capacity. Specifically, it guides readers through useful resources that address the varied and intersecting causes of student dropout while providing real-life anecdotal experience from the author's five-plus decades in the field. As school districts across the country continue to adopt DPSs in their schools, The Dropout Prevention Specialist Workbook aims to meet the demand of training and preparing them for the future while clearly defining needs of the work ahead.


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Importance and Benefits of Teaming
Chapter 3. Team Structures: The CARE Team, Student Success Team, and the School Attendance Review Team
Chapter 4. Case Management
Chapter 5. School Climate and Culture and its relationship to dropout prevention
Chapter 6. Handling Misbehavior: Building Positive Relationships
Chapter 7. 100% Attendance: Myth or Reality?
Chapter 8. The 9th Grade Experience
Chapter 9. Re-Engaging Out of School Youth
Chapter 10. Communication, Coordination and Collaboration, School and Community Involvement
Chapter 11. Assessing Learning Levels and Help for Students
Chapter 12. Building Comprehensive Dropout Prevention and Recovery/Re-Entry Programs
Concluding Comments

About the author: 

Howard M. Blonsky, MSW, LCSW, started his career in mental health environments and has used his experience to make a difference in schools. He served thirty-five years with the San Francisco United Schools District and formerly directed the Schools Partnership Training Institute, a foundation-funded program aimed at uniting communities' greater resources with those of schools. After completing a clinical fellowship in psychiatry, Mr. Blonsky worked to bridge mental health and education in his work with students and families. He has supervised school dropout-prevention programs on the federal and California state levels. He has a passion for improving student attendance and reducing student dropouts.

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