Some Kind of Justice: The ICTY's Impact in Bosnia and Serbia

ISBN : 9780190090258

Diane Orentlicher
496 Pages
156 x 156 mm
Pub date
Oct 2019
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An internationally-renowned scholar in the fields of international and transitional justice, Diane Orentlicher provides an unparalleled account of an international tribunal's impact in societies that have the greatest stake in its work. In Some Kind of Justice: The ICTY's Impact in Bosnia and Serbia, Orentlicher explores the evolving domestic impact of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), which operated longer than any other international war crimes court. Drawing on hundreds of research interviews and a rich body of inter-disciplinary scholarship, Orentlicher provides a path-breaking account of how the Tribunal influenced domestic political developments, victims' experience of justice, acknowledgement of wartime atrocities, and domestic war crimes prosecutions, as well as the dynamic factors behind its evolving influence in each of these spheres. Highlighting the perspectives of Bosnians and Serbians, Some Kind of Justice offers important and practical lessons about how international criminal courts can improve the delivery of justice.


Preface and Acknowledgments
1. Introduction
Part One The Landscape of Justice:
Overview of the ICTY's Relationship with Bosnia and Serbia
2. Forged in War: Bosnia's Relationship with the ICTY
3. Coerced Cooperation: Serbia's Relationship with the ICTY
Part Two Measuring ICTY Success: Local Perspectives
4. Some Kind of Justice: Bosnian Expectations of the ICTY
5. Dealing with the Past: Serbian Perspectives on ICTY Success
Part Three The Quality of Victims' Justice
6. The Quality of Justice: Bosnian Assessments
Part Four Impact on Acknowledgment
7. Denial and Acknowledgement in Serbia
8. Living in Denial (Bosnia)
Part Five Catalyzing Domestic Prosecutions
9. War Crimes Prosecutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina
10. War Crimes Prosecutions in Serbia
Part Six Concluding Observations: Looking Ahead
11. The Afterlife of a Tribunal
Table of Cases

About the author: 

Diane Orentlicher, Professor of International Law at American University, has been described by the Washington Diplomat as one of the world's leading authorities on human rights law and war crimes tribunals. As Independent Expert on Combating Impunity, Professor Orentlicher updated the United Nations Principles on Combatting Impunity, a key reference point for governments addressing a legacy of human rights abuses. As Deputy for War Crimes Issues in the Obama Administration, she helped develop the U.S. government's policies on atrocities prevention, international justice, and transitional justice. Professor Orentlicher has published and lectured extensively on issues of international and transitional justice.

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