Musculoskeletal Imaging Volume 1: Trauma, Arthritis, and Tumor and Tumor-Like Conditions

ISBN : 9780190938178

Mihra S. Taljanovic; Imran M. Omar; Kevin B. Hoover; Tyson S. Chadaz
440 Pages
216 x 279 mm
Pub date
Jun 2019
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Musculoskeletal Imaging Volume 2 provides a comprehensive review of the subject matter commonly encountered by practicing radiologists and radiology residents in training.
This volume includes succinct overviews of metabolic, infectious, and congenital diseases; internal derangement of joints; and arthography, and ultrasound.
Part of the Rotations in Radiology series, this book offers a guided approach to imaging diagnosis with examples of all imaging modalities complimented by the basics of interpretation and technique and the nuances necessary to arrive at the best diagnosis.
Each pathology is covered with a targeted discussion that reviews the definition, clinical features, anatomy and physiology, imaging techniques, differential diagnosis, clinical issues, key points, and further reading.
This organization is ideal for trainees' use during specific rotations, for exam review, or as a quick refresher for the established musculoskeletal imager. It is a must-read for residents and practicing radiologists seeking a foundation for the essential knowledge base in musculoskeletal imaging.
Musculoskeletal Imaging Volume 1 reviews trauma, arthritis, and tumor and tumor-like conditions.


Section 4: Metabolic, Hematopoietic, Endocrine, and Deposition Diseases
Metabolic diseases
71. Osteoporosis
72. Rickets and Osteomalacia
73. Paget's
Hematopoietic Diseases
74. Anemiae
75. Bone Marrow Conversion and Re-conversion
76. Plasma Cell Dyscrasiae
77. Histiocytoses
78. Lymphoproliferative and Myeloproliferative Disorders
79. Bleeding Diseases
Endocrine Diseases
80. Pituitary Diseases
81. Thyroid Diseases
82. Parathyroid Diseases and Renal Osteodystrophy
Lysosomal Storage Diseases
83. Lipidoses
84. Mucopolysaccharidoses
Section 5: Infectious Diseases
Pyogenic Infections
85. Spondylodiscitis
86. Osteomyelitis of the Flat and Long Bones
87. Septic Arthritis
88. Soft Tissue Infections
Atypical Infections
89. Tuberculosis
90. Atypical Mycobacterial Infections
91. Fungal and Higher Bacterial Infections
92. Brucellosis
93. Syphilis
94. Cat Scratch Disease
95. Melioidosis
96. Echinococcosis (Hydatid Disease)
97. Leprosy
Section 6: Arthrography
98. Shoulder
99. Elbow
100. Wrist
101. Hip
102. Knee
103. Ankle
Section 7: Internal Derangements of the Joints
104. Internal Derangements of the Shoulder
105. Internal Derangements of the Elbow
106. Internal Derangements of the Wrist and Hand
107. Internal Derangements of the Hip
108. Internal Derangements of the Knee
109. Internal Derangements of the Ankle and Foot
110. Internal Derangements of the Temporomandibular Joint
111. Imaging of the Articular Cartilage
Section 8: Congenital Diseases
112. Developmental Hip Dysplasia
113. Scoliosis
114. Common congenital syndromes
Section 9: Miscellaneous
115. Osteonecroses and Osteochondroses
116. Hypervitaminoses, Hypovitaminoses, Fluorosis and Lead Poisonins
117. Medication Induced Musculoskeletal Changes
Section 10: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
118. Introduction
119. Imaging Artifacts in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
120. Ultrasound of the Shoulder
121. Ultrasound of the Elbow
122. Ultrasound of the Wrist and
123. Ultrasound of the Hip and Thigh
124. Ultrasound of the Knee,
125. Ultrasound of the Calf, Ankle and Foot
126. Ultrasound of the Peripheral Nerves
127. Ultrasound of the Rheumatologic Diseases
128. Ultrasound Guided Musculoskeletal Procedures

About the author: 

Mihra S. Taljanovic, MD, PhD, FACR, Professor of Radiology and Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Imran M. Omar, MD, Chief of Musculoskeletal Radiology, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
Kevin B. Hoover, MD, PhD, Section Chief of Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and Medical Center, Richmond, Virginia' Tyson S. Chadaz, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

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