Palliative Care (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198702412

Christina Faull; Kerry Blankley
176 Pages
155 x 234 mm
Pub date
Apr 2015
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The care of patients with advanced and terminal illness can be extremely rewarding but often causes professionals a considerable amount of discomfort. This is especially so when you feel under confident in your abilities to provide a high quality of symptom management and relief from distress and to communicate appropriately with patients. Patients with advanced disease present some of the most challenging ethical, physical, psychological and social issues to clinicians and indeed to society. Patients need us to be knowledgeable, skilful and understanding. The fully revised and updated new edition of Palliative Care outlines the fundamental principles and facts which will enable you to make a very real difference to your patients and their families. Information is provided in an accessible, user-friendly way and covers a wide range of physical and non-physical symptom management. Multi-professional team work is addressed, as is the role and support of families. There is also a consideration of the dilemmas and decisions that may be encountered by doctors around the end of a patient's life. This practical resource, designed to provoke contemplative professional development, and enhance learning will be essential reading for nursing and medical practitioners, and other professionals who support patients in their homes, in care homes, and in hospital.


1. Palliative Care: Principles, challenges and patient outcomes
2. Palliative care assessment, communication and challenging situations
3. Psycho-social-spiritual components of care
4. Decisions and care around the end of life
5. Physical symptom control: how to do it well
6. The syringe driver
7. Regulations, legal duties and financial benefits for patients
8. Core Competencies in Palliative Care
9. Further information about palliative care services and useful addresses and websites

About the author: 

Christina Faull is Consultant in Palliative Medicine at The Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice (LOROS) and the University Hospitals of Leicester. She is also Honorary Professor of Palliative Medicine, DMU and LOROS Centre for Promotion of Excellence in Palliative Care, de Montfort University, Leicester, UK. ; Kerry Blankley is Education Facilitator at The Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice (LOROS) and Honorary Lecturer, DMU and LOROS Centre for Promotion of Excellence in Palliative Care, de Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

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