Technology Tips for Ensemble Teachers

ISBN : 9780190840464

Peter J. Perry
264 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Oct 2019
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Written by veteran music educator Peter J. Perry, Technology Tips for Ensemble Teachers presents a collection of practical tips to help today's school music ensemble director incorporate and implement technology in all aspects of large ensemble instruction. This go-to guide offers specific methods for the use of technology in ensemble instruction, identifies applicable technologies, and details proven ways to successfully use those technologies in instruction. Tips throughout the book vary in type and complexity, allowing directors of all technical abilities to use the book effectively to meet the unique needs of their ensembles and students. They also offer content-specific examples for technologies in band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, and chorus instruction, as well as emerging ensemble settings such as percussion ensembles, guitar ensembles, rock bands, a capella groups, and iPad ensembles. With a special focus on current technologies including mobile devices, Technology Tips for Ensemble Teachers is a timely and useful resource for directors as students and classrooms become ever more technology-oriented.


1. Overview: Using Technology in the Large Ensemble
2. Using Technology to Obtain, Generate, and Organize Resources for Ensemble Instruction
3. Displaying Information on Interactive White Boards and Using Management Systems in the Large Ensemble
4. Technology for Use In and Out of the Large Ensemble Rehearsal
5. Technology for Developing Music Literacy and Building Musical Concepts
6. Using Technology for Assessment in the Large Ensemble
7. Using Technology in Ensemble Performance
8. Technology for Promoting the Large Ensemble and Communicating Within It
9. Ensemble-Specific Technologies
10. Lobbying for Your Program's Technology Resources

About the author: 

Peter Perry has traveled the world teaching and performing music. He has taught ensemble performance in various settings for over twenty years. Over that time, he has continued to fuse his two passions, ensemble instruction and music technology, to help better teach his students. He holds a Doctorate in Music Education from Shenandoah Conservatory, a Masters of Music in Music Education - Conducting Concentration, and a Bachelors of Science in Music Education from the University of Maryland.

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