Alive After Academia: Post-Career Reflections of Social Work Educators

ISBN : 9780190068189

Spencer James Zeiger
120 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Sep 2019
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Social work educators (SWEs) are doers, thinkers, go-getters, troublemakers, movers, and shakers. In their efforts to convert difficult challenges into positive realities, they live through unique experiences and possess knowledge of lifespan development that qualifies them to be in "better shape" to explore the vicissitudes of aging and envision a rich life beyond the traditional limits of a career. With that said, large numbers of SWEs from the baby-boomer generation have departed from the academy while more wait in the wings; Alive After Academia provides practical information for these professionals navigating the latter stages of their careers. The book incorporates the reflections drawn from interviews with 91 SWEs, who share engaging stories of how their careers have prepared them for "The Next Chapter" (introduced as a more positive alternative to the term "retirement"), post-academic freedom, and new life appreciations. Extending beyond the focus of Spencer James Zeiger's Career Reflections of Social Work Educators, this text is a particularly useful resource for SWEs wishing to critically examine their life's work while learning from the experiences of veteran professionals.


Chapter 1. Preparation for the Next Stage of Life
Chapter 2. Decision Time: A Multipronged Approach
Chapter 3. This Is My Last Shot
Chapter 4. Old Folks Boogie
Chapter 5. Twinkle in Their Eyes
Chapter 6. Advice from Our Elders (Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness)
Chapter 7. Life-Changing Events
Chapter 8. I've Got a Golden Ticket
Chapter 9. Any Do-Overs?
Chapter 10. The Future of Social Work Education
Chapter 11. 1 to 5, with an Explanation
Chapter 12. The Prognostication

About the author: 

Spencer James Zeiger, PhD, MSW, was President of the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors from 2001-2003. An academic nomad, Dr. Zeiger has held social work education leadership roles in six states: Minnesota, Alaska, Massachusetts, Georgia, Oregon, and Texas. Having recently departed from 28 years in academia, he is currently enjoying The Next Chapter of Life as a musician, singer, and writer.

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