To Serve the Enemy: Informers, Collaborators, and the Laws of Armed Conflict

ISBN : 9780198788898

Shane Darcy
256 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Sep 2019
Oxford Monographs in International and Criminal Law
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A constant yet oftentimes concealed practice in war has been the use of informers and collaborators by parties to an armed conflict. Despite the prevalence of such activity, and the serious and at times fatal consequences that befall those who collaborate with an enemy, international law applicable in times of armed conflict does not squarely address the phenomenon. The recruitment, use and treatment of informers and other collaborators is addressed only partially and at times indirectly by international humanitarian law.
In this book, Shane Darcy examines the development and application of the relevant rules and principles of the laws of armed conflict in relation to collaboration. With a primary focus on international humanitarian law as may be applicable to various forms of collaboration, the book also offers an assessment of the relevance of human rights and considers how the phenomenon of collaboration has been addressed post-conflict.


1 History and Practice of Collaboration in Armed Conflict
2 International Humanitarian Law on the Recruitment and Use of Informers and Collaborators
3 Individual Status under International Humanitarian Law
4 Wartime Trial and Treatment of Collaborators
5 Human Rights, National Regulation, and Armed Conflict

About the author: 

Dr. Shane Darcy is a senior lecturer at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, in the National University of Ireland Galway, a globally recognized institution for teaching and research on human rights and humanitarian law. He has published widely in the fields of international humanitarian law, criminal law, and human rights, including articles in leading peer-reviewed journals such as the International Review of the Red Cross, Journal of Conflict and Security Law, Journal of International Criminal Justice, Leiden Journal of International Law, The Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law, and the Military Law Review.

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