History of Precolonial India: Issues and Debates

ISBN : 9780199491353

Hermann Kulke; Bhairabi Prasad Sahu
412 Pages
150 x 224 mm
Pub date
Mar 2019
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A comprehensive and analytical assessment of the history of the Indian subcontinent until 1750 CE, History of Precolonial India situates Indian history in the wider context of its Asiatic background in an effort to accommodate the ongoing cultural transactions, intersections, and overlaps. This, it is hoped, will allow the reader to go beyond the usual brief flirtations with Asian history and appreciate the historical significance of the cultural and political interactions across the shifting and permeable regional borders. Divided into three parts, the book begins with an exploration of ancient and medieval South Asian history. The second part focuses on the major debates in precolonial Indian history such as periodization, the Indo-Aryan problem, state formation, and the Indian Ocean trade. The final section comprises a thematically arranged and exhaustive bibliography. In bringing out the changing historiographical contours through time, this volume focuses on facets of connected histories that went into the shaping of the cultural fabric of South Asia.


List of Maps
Preface to the German Edition and Beyond by Hermann Kulke
Preface to the English Edition by Bhairabi Prasad Sahu
Part One Historical Representations
1 Introduction
2 Early India
3 The Early Historical Period
4 The Early Medieval Times
5 Late Medieval India: The Delhi Sultanate
6 The Early Modern Period: India during the Mughal Rule
Part Two Trends in Research
7 Periodization
8 Historiography
9 The Indo-Aryans
10 State and State Formation
11 Cities and Urbanization
12 Histories of Women
13 India and Indian Ocean Studies
Part Three Bibliography
Sources and Literature
About the Author, the Editor, and the Translator

About the author: 

Hermann Kulke is professor emeritus of Asian history, University of Kiel, Germany. Bhairabi Prasad Sahu is professor of history, University of Delhi, India. Parnal Chirmuley teaches at the Centre of German Studies, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

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