The Governance Report 2019

ISBN : 9780198821502

The Hertie School of Governance
192 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Aug 2019
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Health promotion and protection for all citizens and health care for patients represent some of the most important policy challenges worldwide. Virtually every single area of life-professional productivity, cultural creativity, political and social participation, and citizens' quality of life-is influenced by the state of health at the individual and at the population level. But are current forms of health governance and health care services sufficient to overcome inequalities, ensure health security, harness technological developments, and cover future needs? The Governance Report 2019 focuses on health governance and the models and strategies used to make health policy an integral part of modern social policy and meet growing challenges. Health governance involves state, market, non-governmental, professional, and individual actors often working across sectors and depends on interactions at multiple levels-from local clinics to global forums. The Report traces the development of health governance institutions and actors, examines factors influencing the health-related decisions of individuals and policy-makers alike, highlights innovations both at international level and at the intersection between individuals and professionals, and offers recommendations to ensure that health care and health policy are governed to meet future challenges.


1 Introduction: Governance of Health and Well-Being
2 Challenges for Governing Global Health
3 Health and Well-being Worldwide
4 The Fragile Role of Politics in Health Governance
5 Governing Health Inequalities
6 Governing Social and Health Policies
7 The Global Governance of Infectious Disease Outbreaks
8 Innovative Governance and Health Reform
9 Digital Governance of Health
10 Behavioural Economics in Health Governance
11 Conclusion: Multi-Level-Governance in Health

About the author: 

The Hertie School of Governance is a private university based in Berlin, accredited by the German State and the German Science Council. Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented teaching, first-class research and an extensive international network set the Hertie School apart and position it as an ambassador of good governance, characterised by public debate and engagement. The School was founded at the end of 2003 as a project of the Hertie Foundation, which remains its major partner.

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