Introduction to Psychological Assessment in the South African Context (5th edition)

ISBN : 9780190418595

C Foxcroft; G Roodt
416 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
May 2019
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Introduction to Psychological Assessment in the South African Context 5e is an introductory text on measuring and assessing human behaviour within a complex multicultural environment. It offers a practical guide to the development of culturally appropriate measures and the application of assessment measures, as well as the interpretation and reporting of results. The book provides advice with regard to assessing young children and disabled individuals and also discusses the various contexts in which psychological measures are used, including education, counselling, the psycho-legal domain, and research. The book features critical-thinking exercises that present students with typical assessment scenarios to develop their reasoning skills. Real-life South African examples and case studies illustrate the theory, and allow students to apply psychological assessment principles in practice.


Chapter 1: An overview of assessment: Definition and scope
Chapter 2: Psychological assessment: A brief retrospective overview
Chapter 3: Basic measurement and scaling concepts
Chapter 4: Reliability: Basic concepts and measures
Chapter 5: Validity: Basic concepts and measures
Chapter 6: Developing a psychological measure
Chapter 7: Cross-cultural test adaptation and translation
Chapter 8: The practice of psychological assessment: Controlling the use of measures, competing values and ethical practice standards
Chapter 9: Administering psychological assessment measures
Chapter 10: Assessment of cognitive functioning
Chapter 11: Measures of well-being
Chapter 12: Personality assessment
Chapter 13: Career counselling assessment
Chapter 14: Computer-based and internet-delivered assessment
Chapter 15: The use of assessment measures in various applied contexts
Chapter 16: Interpreting and reporting assessment results
Chapter 17: Factors affecting assessment results
Chapter 18: What the future holds for psychological assessment

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