The State and Cosmopolitan Responsibilities

ISBN : 9780198800613

Richard Beardsworth; Garrett Wallace Brown; Richard Shapcott
368 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jun 2019
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This book explores the role that states might play in promoting a cosmopolitan condition as an agent of cosmopolitanism rather than an obstacle to it. In doing so the book seeks to develop recent arguments in favour of locating cosmopolitan moral and political responsibility at the state level as either an alternative to, or a corollary of, cosmopolitanism as it is more commonly understood qua requiring transnational or global bearers of responsibility. As a result, the contributions in this volume see an on-going role for the state, but also its transformation, perhaps only partially, into a more cosmopolitan-minded institution - instead of a purely 'national' or particularistic one.

It therefore makes the case that the state as a form of political community can be reconciled with various form of cosmopolitan responsibility. In this way the book will address the question of how states, in the present, and in the future, can be better bearers of cosmopolitan responsibilities?


Richard Beardsworth, Garrett W. Brown, and Richard Shapcott: Introduction
Part I: The Responsibility to Protect as a Cosmopolitan Doctrine
1 Alex Bellamy and Blagovesta Tacheva: R2P and the Emergence of Responsibilities Across Borders
2 Derek Edyvane and James Souter: Good International Citizenship and Cosmopolitan Responsibilities to Protect: Balancing Responsibilities and Dirty Hands
3 Toni Erskine: Coalitions of the Willing and the Shared responsibility to Protect
4 Michael M. Doyle: Global Refugee Crisis
Part II: Cosmopolitan Responsibility and the Legal Practice of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
5 Richard Shapcott: Cosmopolitan Extra-Territoriality
6 Melissa Curley: Exporting Harmful People: Analyzing Australia's Extra-Territorial Child Sex Tourism Laws
7 Daniella Ireland Piper: Extraterritorial Criminal Jurisdiction and the Cosmopolitan: A Double-Edged Sword
8 Andrew Linklater: Political Community and Cosmopolitan Responsibility: Sociological Considerations
Part III: Global Issues and Responsibility Beyond the State
9 Helga Haflidadottir and Anthony F. Lang: Climate Change and Cosmopolitan Responsibilities
10 Garrett Wallace Brown and Samuel Jarvis: Motivating Cosmopolitanism and the Responsibility for the Health of Others
11 Luis Cabrera: Free Movement, Sovereignty, and Cosmopolitan State Responsibility
12 David Held: Cosmopolitanism in the Face of Gridlock in Global Governance
Part IV: Cosmopolitan Republicanism
13 Taylor Elliott: Legitimacy and the State in Cosmopolitan and Republican Politics
14 Barbara Buckix: Foreign Policy and Domination: Licensing the State
15 Steven Slaughter: Republican Citizens and Political Responsibility in a Globalizing World
16 Miriam Ronzoni: The Cosmopolitan Responsibilities of Republican States: Inevitable, but Inevitably Constrained

About the author: 

Richard Beardsworth is the EH Carr chair in International Politics, Head of the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University, UK, and Research Associate at the Institut des Etudes Politiques (SciPo), Paris. His research interests lie in international and political theory, in statecraft and global politics. His recent publications (articles, book chapters, essays) rehearse a Weberian and republican account of ethical responsibility towards global challenges that, re-aligning national and global interests, advances a new 'internationalist' narrative.; Garrett Wallace Brown is Professor of Political Theory and Global Health Policy in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds. He co-leads the University of Leeds Global Health cross faculty theme and has produced extensive research at the crossroads between global health and moral philosophy. Outside of global health his research interests include cosmopolitan theory, Kant's cosmopolitanism, the laws of hospitality, global constitutionalism and key issues in global justice. He is the author of Grounding Cosmopolitanism: From Kant to the Idea of a Cosmopolitan Constitution (EUP, 2009), The Cosmopolitanism Reader with David Held (Polity, 2010), and Kant's Cosmopolitics (EUP, 2019).; Richard Shapcott is Senior Lecturer in the School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland, Brisbane , Australia. He is the author Justice, Community, and Dialogue in International Relations (Cambridge 2001) and A Critical Introduction to International Ethics (Polity, 2010).

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