Indian Fiscal Federalism

ISBN : 9780199493623

Y.V. Reddy; G.R. Reddy
304 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2019
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Likening fiscal federalism to a game between the Union and the States, and among the States themselves, Indian Fiscal Federalism lays bare the complex rules of play. It examines the pivotal role of Finance Commissions and assesses momentous events since 2014, such as the replacement of the Planning Commission by NITI Aayog, the emergence of the GST Council, and the controversies surrounding the Fifteenth Finance Commission. The book offers a historical perspective on fiscal federalism, in particular the interplay and overlap of institutional mechanisms. In doing so, it examines persistent as well as immediate concerns, and offers a way forward. A contemporary, timely, and comprehensive analysis of fiscal federalism in India, this is a must-read for all those interested in the subject.


List of Tables, Figures, and Box
1. Origins of Fiscal Federalism
2. Evolution of Fiscal Federalism
3. Finance Commissions: Their Composition and Functions
4. Continuity and Change: Approaches of Finance Commissions
5. Vertical Distribution: Changing Balances
6. Horizontal Distribution: Changing Balances
7. Grants-in-Aid: Magnitude and Composition
8. The Detail Matters
9. Local Self Governments and Finance Commisions
10. Goods and Services Tax Council: A New Institution in Indian Fiscal Federalism
11. Asymmetric Federalism
12. The Planning Commission: Its Rise, Fall, and Rebirth
13. NITI Aayog: Promise and Performance
14. Public Debt and Finance Commissions
15. Aggregate Central Transfers to States
16. The Fifteenth Finance Commission: New Challenges
About the Authors

About the author: 

Y.V. Reddy was Chairman, Fourteenth Finance Commission, and Governor, Reserve Bank of India. He has served both the Central and State Governments in various capacities. G.R. Reddy is Adviser (Finance) to the Government of Telangana and served the Government of India and State Governments in the area of public finance and Union-State relations.

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