The Biology of Streams and Rivers

ISBN : 9780198549772

Paul S. Giller; Bjorn Malmqvist
304 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Nov 1998
Biology of Habitats Series
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Although they constitute less than 1% of the world's water, freshwaters play a vital role in life on Earth. Running water, or lotic, habitats comprise a tiny proportion of these freshwaters, yet they offer important resources and are rich and complex environments. This book provides an essential introduction to the biology and ecology of lotic habitats, and their constituent organisms. Rarely has the breadth and complexity of all aspects of the biology of streams and rivers been dealt with in a single volume. The aim of this book is to delve into the rich and growing literature, and to provide an up-to-date introduction to stream and river biology. It begins by outlining the factors that make running water habitats unique, and describing the many different water-course systems. The authors then outline the range of living organisms in lotic habitats, and the environmental adaptations they exhibit. They discuss population, community, and ecosystem patterns and processes, such as energy flow, nutrient cycling, migration, food webs, and community structure. Each chapter includes practical information on simple studies and experiments for students to try. The book finishes with a discussion of applied issues surrounding water use, pollution, species diversity, and conservation of this fascinating and immensely important habitat.


1. Runnning waters: a unique habitat
2. Running water habitats
3. The habitat templet
4. Life in running waters
5. Adaptations to life in running waters
6. Energy and nutrients
7. Movement and interaction
8. Community patterns, diversity, and biogeography
9. The use, abuse, and conservation of running waters
Studies in running waters
Further reading

About the author: 

Paul Giller, Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology, University College Cork, Ireland. email: p.giller@ucc.ie Bjorn Malmqvist, Umea University, Department of Animal Ecology, 901 87 Umea. email: bjorn.malmqvist@animecol.umu.se

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