Environmental Law: Text, Cases & Materials (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198811077

Elizabeth Fisher; Bettina Lange; Eloise Scotford
952 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
May 2019
Texts, Cases, and Materials
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  • Combines insightful author commentary with carefully selected extracts from UK and international sources to provide a thought-provoking and contextualized account of the subject
  • Provides detailed discussion of key cases, drawing together extracts from leading judgments, responses to controversial decisions, and the authors' own opinion to create a well-rounded account of the subject
  • Takes a thorough, detailed, and critical approach to the subject, providing a framework to support students throughout their course
  • Includes chapter conclusions and further reading suggestions to help student distil the essential issues and to support their independent study in preparation for assessments
  • Discussion questions are presented throughout the text, encouraging students to think analytically about key issues

New to this Edition:

  • Comprehensive updating of material and restructuring of chapters to reflect legal developments and to keep a focus on critical analysis, for example, new chapters have been dedicated to climate change law and air quality law
  • Changes in this new edition capture the cutting edge of scholarship in this very dynamic area of law, including discussion on the Paris Agreement and the ClientEarth litigation
  • Contents of pollution control chapters has been revised, discussing developments in flood and drought law
  • An engagement with the themes raised by Brexit in relation to environmental law

Environmental Law: Text, Cases, and Materials has been designed to provide students with everything they need to approach the subject with confidence. Experts in the area, the authors combine clear and insightful commentary with carefully chosen extracts from UK and international sources to offer students a well-rounded view of the subject area.
Covering a broad range of topics, the authors introduce discussion on controversies and debates and encourage readers to engage in critical reflection by posing regular discussion questions throughout the text. Further reading suggestions point students towards useful resources, guiding their independent research. 
Online Resources
This book is also accompanied by online updates collated by the authors, helping students to stay well-informed.


Part I: The Basics
1: What is environmental law?
2: Understanding environmental problems

Part II: Legal Themes and Concepts
3: Private law
4: Public law
5: Criminal liability
6: Statutory liabilities and remedies
7: Courts
8: Principle and policy
9: Regulatory strategy

Part III: Legal Cultures
10: Environmental law in the legal culture of the United Kingdom
11: European Union environmental law
12: International environmental law

Part IV: Pollution Control
13: Pollution control permitting
14: Integrated pollution control
15: Water pollution
16: Waste regulation
17: Air quality law
18: Climate change law

Part V: Environmental Law and Environmental Protection
19: Planning law
20: Environmental impact assessment
21: Nature conservation

About the author: 

Elizabeth Fisher is a Professor of Environmental Law at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford and is General Editor of the Journal of Environmental Law. She has written widely on environmental law and was shortlisted for the OUP Law Teacher of the Year Award in 2011 and won the SLS Peter Birks Book Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship in 2008.
Bettina Lange is an Associate Professor of Law and Regulation at the University of Oxford. Bettina has written widely on socio-legal aspects of environmental regulation. She teaches courses on environmental law, socio-legal research methods, and regulation.
Eloise Scotford is a Professor of Environmental Law at UCL and member of UCL's Centre of Law and the Environment. She is Analysis Editor of the Journal of Environmental Law and Associate Member of Landmark Chambers. She writes widely on environmental law and actively researches the legal treatment of environmental principles, air quality law, climate change governance, waste law, and legislative and adjudicative processes as they relate to the environment.

"This book is a great resource drawing on an excellent breadth of source material." - Prof Karen Morrow, Professor of Environmental Law, Swansea University

"Rich in case studies illustrating applications of the law." - Dr Kirsten Davies, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University

"It offers students an excellent basis for further research." - Dr Aleksandra Cavoski, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham

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