Marketing (5th edition)

ISBN : 9780198809999

Paul Baines; Chris Fill; Sara Rosengren; Paolo Antonetti
776 Pages
195 x 265 mm
Pub date
Mar 2019
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How does Samsung use data to improve customers' omnichannel shopping experiences? How does Ipsos MORI develop cross-cultural market research insights to inform innovation at Unilever? How do Swedish retail giants collaborate rather than compete in the fight for more sustainable consumption? With insights from leading practitioners and exploration of the latest issues to affect consumers and businesses alike, Marketing, fifth edition, answers these questions and more, providing the skills vital to successfully engage with marketing across all areas of society. The fifth edition sees a broader range of examples and Market Insights within each chapter, with contributions from academics and specialists. Companies as diverse as Dolce and Gabbana, Groupon, and KBC Bank, and issues as topical as showrooming, microtargeting in US presidential elections, fast fashion, and 'femvertising' illustrate the theoretical frameworks, models, and concepts outlined in each chapter, giving a fully integrated overview of not just what marketing theory looks like in practice but how it can be used to promote a company's success. Video interviews with those in the industry offer a truly unique insight into the fascinating world of a marketing practitioner. The authors speak to marketing professionals from a range of companies, from Ipsos MORI to Adnams, Akestam Holst to H&M, who talk through how they dealt with a marketing problem facing their company and what career advice they would offer to those starting out in the industry. Review and discussion questions conclude each chapter, prompting readers to examine the themes discussed in more detail and encouraging them to engage critically with the theory. Links to seminal papers throughout each chapter also present the opportunity to take learning further; with a suite of online resources designed to stimulate, assess, and consolidate learning, Marketing is the complete package for any introductory marketing module. This book is accompanied by the following online resources. For everyone: Case insight videos Industry foresight videos Library of video links For students: Author audio podcasts Multiple-choice questions Flashcard glossary Internet activities Research insights Web links For lecturers: VLE content PowerPoint slides Test bank Essay questions Tutorial activities Discussion question pointers Figures and tables from the book Case insight video transcripts


1: Principles of marketing
1 Marketing principles and practice
2 Consumer buying behaviour
3 Marketing research and customer insight
2: Marketing management and strategy
4 The marketing environment
5 Marketing strategy
6 Marketing segmentation and positioning
7 International market development
3: Managing marketing programmes
8 New proposition development and innovation
9 Price and customer value decisions
10 Principles of marketing communications
11 Configuring the marketing communications mix
12 Digital and social media marketing
13 Brand decisions
4: Principles of customer management
14 Channels, supply chains, and retailing
15 Services and relationship marketing
16 Business-to-business marketing
5: The social impacts of marketing
17 Not-for-profit and social marketing
18 Marketing, society, sustainability, and ethics

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