The Oxford Handbook of Publishing

ISBN : 9780198794202

Angus Phillips; Michael Bhaskar
464 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Apr 2019
Oxford Handbooks
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Publishing is one of the oldest and most influential businesses in the world. It remains an essential creative and knowledge industry, worth over $140 billion a year, which continues to shape our education and culture. Two trends make this a particularly exciting time. The first is the revolution in communications technology that has transformed what it means to publish; far from resting on their laurels and retreating into tradition, publishers are doing as they always have - staying on the cutting edge. The second is the growing body of academic work that studies publishing in its many forms. Both mean that there has never been a more important time to examine this essential practice and the current state of knowledge. The Oxford Handbook of Publishing marks the coming of age of the scholarship in publishing studies with a comprehensive exploration of current research, featuring contributions from both industry professionals and internationally renowned scholars on subjects such as copyright, corporate social responsibility, globalizing markets, and changing technology. This authoritative volume looks at the relationship of the book publishing industry with other media, and how intellectual property underpins what publishers do. It outlines the complex and risky economics of the industry and examines how marketing, publicity, and sales have become ever more central aspects of business practice, while also exploring different sectors in depth and giving full treatment to the transformational and much discussed impact of digital publishing. This Handbook is essential reading for anyone interested in publishing, literature, and the business of media, entertainment, culture, communication, and information.


1 Introduction
Part I: Publishing in Context
2 Alistair McCleery: Publishing History
3 Simone Murray: Authorship
4 Adriaan van der Weel: Reading
5 Mira T. Sundara Rajan: Copyright and Publishing: Symbiosis in the Digital Environment
6 Elizabeth le Roux: Publishing and Society
7 John Oakes: Publishing and Culture: The Alchemy of Ideas
8 Martin Eve: Publishing and Information
9 Carlos A. Scolari: Networks: From Text to Hypertext, Publishing to Sharing, and Single Author to Collaborative Production
10 Angus Phillips: Publishing and Corporate Social Responsibility
Part II: The Dynamics of Publishing
11 Albert N. Greco: Economics of Publishing
12 Albert N. Greco: The Strategy of Publishing
13 Miha Kovac
and Rudiger Wischenbart: Globalization and Publishing
14 Michael Bhaskar: Curation in Publishing: Curatorial Paradigms, Filtering, and the Structure of Editorial Choice
15 John B. Thompson: Trade Publishing
16 Samantha J. Rayner: Academic Publishing
17 Miha Kovac and Mojca K. Sebart: Educational Publishing: Primary and Secondary Education
Part III: Publishing in Practice
18 Frania Hall: Organizational Structures in Publishing
19 Paul Luna: Book Design
20 John Maxwell: Publishing and Technology
21 Alison Baverstock: Marketing for Publishing
22 Lynette Owen: Rights
23 Alex Holzman and Sarah Lippincott: Libraries
24 Niels Peter Thomas: Bookselling
25 Michael Bhaskar and Angus Phillips: The Future of Publishing: Eight Thought Experiments

About the author: 

Angus Phillips is Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. He formerly worked in the publishing industry as a trade editor at Oxford University Press. He has given talks and lectures about publishing all over the world and has carried out consultancy and training work with international publishers. He is a member of the European Advisory Board of Princeton University Press and was a judge for The Bookseller industry awards for four years in a row. He is the author and editor of a number of books including Turning the Page (2014) and Inside Book Publishing (sixth edition 2019, with Giles Clark).; Michael Bhaskar is a writer, digital publisher, researcher, and entrepreneur. He is Co-Founder of Canelo, a new kind of publishing company based in London, and Writer in Residence at DeepMind, the world's leading AI research lab. He has written and talked extensively about publishing, the future of media, the creative industries, and the economics of technology around the world. He has been featured in and written for The Guardian, The FT, Wired and on BBC 2, the BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4 and NPR. He has been a British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur and a Frankfurt Book Fair Fellow. Previous books include The Content Machine and Curation: The Power of Selection in a World of Excess.

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