External Beam Therapy (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780198786757

Peter Hoskin
592 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
May 2019
Radiotherapy in Practice
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External beam therapy is the most common form of radiotherapy, delivering ionizing radiation such as high-energy x-rays, gamma rays, or electron beams directly into the location of the patient's tumour. Now in its third edition, this book is an essential, practical guide to external beam radiotherapy planning and delivery, covering the rapid technological advances made in recent years. The initial chapters give a detailed insight into the fundamentals of clinical radiotherapy. This is followed by systematic details for each tumour site commonly treated with radiotherapy, covering indications, treatment, and planning. The final chapter covers the all important aspect of quality assurance in radiotherapy delivery. This third edition has been fully updated and revised to reflect new techniques, including details of intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), image guided radiotherapy (IGRT), stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), and proton therapy. Written by experts in each field, External Beam Therapy is an invaluable companion to professionals and trainees in medical physics, therapeutic radiology, and clinical or radiation oncology. ABOUT THE SERIES Radiotherapy remains the major non-surgical treatment modality for the management of malignant disease. It is based on the application of the principles of applied physics, radiobiology, and tumour biology to clinical practice. Each volume in the series takes the reader through the basic principles of the use of ionizing radiation and then develops this by individual sites. This series of practical handbooks is aimed at physicians both training and practising in radiotherapy, as well as medical physics, dosimetrists, radiographers, and senior nurses.


1 Peter Hoskin: Introduction
2 Karen Venables: Basic Physics
3 Yat Man Tsang: Treatment, delivery, intensity-modulated radiotherapy, and image-guided radiotherapy
4 Ranald MacKay and Alex Aitkenhead: Proton Therapy
5 Charlotte Coles: Breast Radiotherapy
6 Kevin Franks, Fiona McDonald, and Gerard G. Hanna: Radiotherapy for thoracic tumours
7 Stephen Falk: Upper GI.
8 Rob Glynne-Jones and Mark Harrison: Rectal cancer
9 Rob Glynne-Jones and Mark Harrison: Squamous cell carcinoma of the anus
10 Alison Tree, Linus Benjamin, and David Dearnaley: Prostate cancer
11 Nicholas James, David Fackrell, and Anjali Zarkar: Bladder cancer
12 Peter Hoskin: Testis
13 Peter Hoskin: Penis
14 Melanie Powell and Alexandra Taylor: Uterus Endometrium and Cervix
15 Peter Hoskin: Vulva and vagina
16 Richard W. Tsang, Mary K. Gospodarowicz, and Peter Hoskin: Lymphomas
17 Neil G Burnet, Fiona Harris, Mark B Pinkham, Kate E Burton, and Gillian A Whitfield: Central nervous system tumours
18 Christopher Nutting and Dorothy Gujral: Head and neck cancer
19 Carie Corner, Hannah Tharmalingham, and Peter Hoskin: Skin cancer
20 James Wylie: Sarcomas of soft tissue and bone
21 Henry C Mandeville: Principles of paediatric radiation oncology
22 Peter Hoskin: Radiotherapy planning for metastatic disease
23 Patricia Diez and Edwin GA Aird: Quality assurance in radiotherapy

About the author: 

Peter Hoskin has extensive clinical experience in the use of modern techniques for radiotherapy delivery. He undertakes both national and international teaching courses in the subject and is a clinical lead for the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) radiotherapy quality assurance programme. An experienced teacher and examiner in clinical oncology, he currently chairs the fellowship Examination Board for the Royal College of Radiologists. Peter Hoskin is the series editor for the Radiotherapy in Practice series.

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