Dancing the Labyrinth: Spirituality in the Lives of Women

ISBN : 9780190940430

Maddy Cunningham; Jade de Saussure
280 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
May 2019
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There is a scarcity of professional literature and research that focuses on women's spiritual development and experiences and how it may differ from that of men. For women, the spiritual is often inner focused, rather than transcendent; relational, rather than solitary; and interdependent, rather than autonomous. Using a relational approach, Dancing the Labyrinth integrates knowledge of women's psychological and spiritual development and the stories of a diverse group of women to examine how spirituality changes over the adult life course; the catalysts for said changes (e.g., the natural aging process or traumatic events); and feminist spirituality, which highlights the importance of relationships (to self, others, and God). While the authors focus on spirituality, they examine the experiences of women who express their spirituality within both traditional and non-traditional spiritual paths. The text also includes several chapters that highlight specific clinical interventions professionals can use to implement spirituality into their practice with women. Written in an engaging and accessible style, this book serves as a helpful resource for mental health practitioners, pastoral counselors, spiritual directors, and lay audiences interested in better understanding of the nuances of women's spiritual development and experiences.


Chapter 1. Voicing Her Spiritual Story
Chapter 2. Women's Spiritual Development
Chapter 3. Relational Spirituality: The Web of Life
Chapter 4. Women and the Divine
Chapter 5. Changes in Spirituality
Chapter 6. Suffering and Spirituality
Chapter 7. Women, Mainstream Spirituality, and Feminism
Chapter 8. Mysticism, New Age, and Earth-Based Spirituality
Chapter 9. Women, Anger, and Power
Chapter 10. Spirituality and Treatment Approaches
Chapter 11. Spirituality and Treatment Techniques
Chapter 12. Special Treatment Issues
Chapter 13. The Therapist and Spirituality

About the author: 

Maddy Cunningham, DSW, MSW, is Professor Emeritus in the Graduate School of Social Service at Fordham University. Jade de Saussure, PhD, MSW, is an ordained ministerial counselor who infuses spirituality in all parts of her social work practice. She also serves as Chair of the Spirituality Committee for the National Association of Social Workers' New York City Chapter.

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