Theory, Method, Sustainability, and Conflict: An Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology, Volume 1

ISBN : 9780190885694

Svanibor Pettan; Jeff Titon
328 Pages
171 x 248 mm
Pub date
Apr 2019
Oxford Handbooks
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The nine ethnomusicologists who contributed to this volume, balanced in age and gender and hailing from a diverse array of countries, share the goal of stimulating further development in the field of ethnomusicology. By theorizing applied ethnomusicology, offering histories, and detailing practical examples, they explore the themes of peace and conflict studies, ecology, sustainability, and the theoretical and methodological considerations that accompany them. Theory, Method, Sustainability, and Conflict is the first of three paperback volumes derived from the original Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology, which can be understood as an applied ethnomusicology project: as a medium of getting to know the thoughts and experiences of global ethnomusicologists, of enriching general knowledge and understanding about ethnomusicologies and applied ethnomusicologies in various parts of the world, and of inspiring readers to put the accumulated knowledge, understanding, and skills into good use for the betterment of our world.


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List of Contributors
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Part I: An Introduction to Applied Ethnomusicology
Section 1: Applied Ethnomusicology: A Descriptive and Historical Account
Jeff Todd Titon
Section 2: Applied Ethnomusicology in the Global Arena
Svanibor Pettan
Section 3: An Introduction to the Chapters
Jeff Todd Titon and Svanibor Pettan
Part II: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
Chapter 1: Transcending Researcher Vulnerability Through Applied Ethnomusicology
Dan Bendrups
Chapter 2: Evaluating Values in Applied Ethnomusicology
Klisala Harrison
Chapter 3: Cultural Engagement and Ownership Through Participatory Approaches in Applied Ethnomusicology
Tan Sooi Beng
Chapter 4: Applied Ethnomusicology and Intangible Cultural Heritage: Understanding 'Ecosystems of Music' as a Tool for Sustainability
Huib Schippers
Chapter 5: Sustainability, Resilience, and Adaptive Management for Applied Ethnomusicology
Jeff Todd Titon
Part III: Conflict
Chapter 6: The Role of Applied Ethnomusicology in Post-Conflict and Post-Catastrophe Communities
Erica Haskell
Chapter 7: The Study of Survivors' Music
Joshua D. Pilzer
Chapter 8: Music and Conflict Resolution: The Public Display of Migrants in Nationalist Conflicts in Europe-An Analytical Reflection on University-Based Ethnomusicological Activism
Britta Sweers

About the author: 

Svanibor Pettan is professor and chair of the ethnomusicology program at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Initiator and first chair of the ICTM study group on applied ethnomusicology and a founding member of the SEM Section on applied ethnomusicology, he contributes to the advancement of the field in the global arena with studies in various formats, addressing war-peace continuum, minorities, conflicts and education. He currently serves as Vice-President of the International Council for Traditional Music and as Chair of its Study Group Music and Minorities. Jeff Todd Titon is Professor of Music, Emeritus, at Brown University, USA, where for 27 years he directed the Ph.D. program in ethnomusicology. The author or editor of eight books and numerous essays, he is known for developing phenomenological and ecological approaches to ethnographic fieldwork, for theorizing and practicing an applied ethnomusicology based in reciprocity and friendship, and for introducing the concepts of; cultural and musical sustainability to the fields of folklore and ethnomusicology. His current research on a sound ecology may be tracked at http://sustainablemusic.blogspot.com

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