Beyond the Rapist: Title IX and Sexual Violence on US Campuses

ISBN : 9780190876920

Kate Lockwood Harris
184 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
May 2019
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In the United States, approximately one in five women experiences rape during college, and LGBTQ students experience sexual violence at even higher rates. An increasing number of interested parties, from activists and students to legislators and university administrators, are re-evaluating the role that universities and colleges play in the incidence of sexual violence on their campuses. To this end, the number of U.S. universities under investigation for mishandling sexual assaults has recently grown to the highest count to date. Many more universities, guided by federal laws such as Title IX and the Clery Act, are working to better prevent and address various forms of assault on their campuses by implementing new policies, reporting procedures, and investigative processes. Now that such measures have been implemented for several years, however, the question arises of whether these institutional changes are actually combatting the issue of campus sexual assault or whether they might in practice be reproducing that violence in other forms. In Beyond the Rapist, Kate Lockwood Harris considers this question and how the relationships among organization, communication, and violence inform how we understand the ways in which universities talk about and respond to sexual violence. Drawing upon theoretical insights from feminist new materialism, Harris explores how complex physical and symbolic components of violence are embedded in organizations and applies this thinking to the policies and practices of a university known for its Title IX processes. In doing so, she suggests that combatting the epidemic of sexual violence on college campus involves both recognizing that sexual violence is part of larger systems of injustice and refining our definition of violence to encompass far more than individual moments of physical injury.


Chapter 1: Why Beyond the Rapist?
Chapter 2. An Organization's Relationship to Violence: Reading Communication and Agency through
Feminist New Materialism
Chapter 3. Violence Communicates Differently: Diffraction and the Organization of Rape
Chapter 4. Agency Organizes Violence: Raced and Gendered Boundary-Making Practices for
(Non)human and Discursive Force
Chapter 5. Beyond the Rapist: Rethinking Communication and Agency, Changing Campus Rape

About the author: 

Kate Lockwood Harris is Assistant Professor of Organizational Communication at University of Minnesota. Her research on the relationship between violence and communication appears in fourteen different journals and several edited books. Dr. Harris has won accolades from national and international academic societies for her scholarship on organizational responses to sexual assault, and she consults with organizations to develop violence prevention programs.

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