Ethics and Values in Social Work: An Integrated Approach for a Comprehensive Curriculum (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780190678111

Allan Edward Barsky
576 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Apr 2019
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Social work ethics provide practitioners with guidance on how to promote social work values such as respect, social justice, human relationships, service, competence, and integrity. Students entering the profession need to develop a real-world understanding of how to apply these values in practice while also managing the dilemmas that arise when social workers, clients, and others encounter conflicting values and ethical obligations. Ethics and Values in Social Work offers a comprehensive set of teaching and learning materials to help students develop the knowledge, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills required to handle values and ethical issues in all levels of practice-individual, family, group, organization, community, and social policy. BSW and MSW students will particularly appreciate how complex ethical obligations and theories have been translated into plain language. Additionally, the comprehensive set of case examples and exercises provides realistic scenarios to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills across a range of practice situations.


About the Author
Part I. Foundations of Values and Ethics
Chapter 1. Values--Mine, Theirs, and Ours
Chapter 2. Theory, Values, and Ethics--Macro Perspectives
Chapter 3. Theory, Moral Decision-Making, and Ethics--Micro Perspectives
Chapter 4. Research, Values, and Ethics
Chapter 5. Practice, Values, and Ethics--Social Work with Individuals
Chapter 6. Practice, Values, and Ethics--Social Work with Families
Chapter 7. Practice, Values, and Ethics--Social Work with Groups
Chapter 8. Practice, Values, and Ethics--Social Work with Organizations
Chapter 9. Practice, Values, and Ethics--Social Work with Communities
Chapter 10. Policy, Values, and Ethics
Part II. Advanced Values and Ethics
Chapter 11. Supervision, Values, and Ethics
Chapter 12. Administration, Values, and Ethics
Chapter 13. Psychopathology, Mental Health, Values, and Ethics
Chapter 14. Child Welfare, Values, and Ethics
Chapter 15. Criminal Justice, Values, and Ethics
Chapter 16. Elders, Values, and Ethics
Chapter 17. International Social Work, Values, and Ethics
Chapter 18. Private Clinical Social Work Practice, Values, and Ethics
Appendix: Worksheet for Managing Ethical Issues

About the author: 

Allan Edward Barsky, PhD, JD, MSW, is Professor in the Sandler School of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Barsky publishes a regular column entitled Ethics Alive! in The New Social Worker, available at http://www.socialworker.com/topics/allan_barsky.

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