Innovation in Japan

ISBN : 9780198289852

Akira Goto; Hiroyuki Odagiri
324 Pages
163 x 242 mm
Pub date
May 1997
Japan Business and Economics Series
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In this age of high technology, Japan's success in continuous improvement and innovation in key industries, ranging from steel and automobiles to electronics, has been spectacular, and the unique institutional arrangements that have supported this success have attracted wide attention. Yet, with only a few exceptions, the discussion of Japan's innovation system has tended to be anecdotal. It is the consequent need for a more solid analysis based on fact that this book fills. The chapters in this book investigate Japan's current innovation system through empirical, mostly quantitative, research. These chapters cover a wide range of subjects, including technology importation, industrial standards, product development, R&D personnel management, overseas R&D, and higher education. In addition, detailed industry studies cover the automobile, electrical machinery, semiconductor, and steel sectors. The authors, the leading Japanese scholars on these subjects, reveal the rich and complex nature of the Japanese innovation system, and describe in detail its strengths and weaknesses.


Technological importation in Japan
gauge and industrial standards
international comparison of automobile industries
production and technology and productivity growth in the electrical machinery industry
intra-firm transfers of engineers in Japan
overseas research and development activities of Japanese firms
patent system and research and development in Japan
co-operative research in Japanese manufacturing industries
environmental problems
the Japanese higher education system and industry.

About the author: 

Akira Goto, Hitotsubashi University; Hiroyuki Odagiri, Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences, University of Tsukuba

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