China and Japan: History, Trends and Prospects

ISBN : 9780198289326

Christopher Howe
212 Pages
155 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 1996
Studies on Contemporary China
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This book is a remarkable attempt to understand and summarize the current and historical Sino-Japanese relationship: two countries bound by ties of history, culture, geography, and economic complementarity. Through this investigation, the contributors are also able to broaden our understanding of contemporary changes in international relations, and to consider the implications of changes in the Sino-Japanese relationship for the wider world. All contributors are well-known experts in their fields. This volume deals with the history of contact, the economic imperatives driving the links, the diplomatic and political manoeuvrings in which both countries indulge, and the antipathies that mean the Sino-Japanese 'special relationship' is far from trouble-free. This book should become an invaluable reference work for academics and students.


1. Introduction: The Changing Political Economy of Sino-Japanese Relations: A Long-Term View
2. An Overview of Relations Between China and Japan, 1895-1945
3. Chinese-Japanese Relations 1945-90
4. Sino-Japanese Controversy since the 1972 Diplomatic Normalization
5. China and Japan towards the Twenty-First Century
6. China, Japan, and Economic Interdependence in the Asia Pacific Region
7. Plant and Technology Contract and the Changing Pattern of Economic Interdependence Between China and Japan to 1989
8. Major Developments in Japan-China Economic Interdependence 1990-1994
9. Lessons from a Neighbour: China's Japan-watching Community

About the author: 

Christopher Howe, University of London

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