Growth Through Competition, Competition Through Growth: Strategic Management and the Economy in Japan

ISBN : 9780198288732

Hiroyuki Odagiri
380 Pages
139 x 217 mm
Pub date
May 1994
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This book examines two central aspects of Japanese management - growth pursuit by internal investment (as opposed to acquisition), and intensive competition within and between Japanese firms. It also looks at how Japanese firms maintain efficiency and flexibility under the apparently rigid system of 'lifetime' employment. The author begins by enquiring in to the financial and human aspects of the firm with a particular emphasis placed on the human side. T he motivation, behaviour, and organization of Japanese management are discussed and the consequences of Japan's management system on its industrial organization and macroeconomy are examined. Throughout the book, it is emphasized that competition is at the heart of the Japanese economy and management to the same, if not to a greater degreee than in the West. This competition is enhanced by the growth preference of Japanese management, and competition in turn makes growth feasible.


Part I: How it Works: Introduction
Ownership and management
The internal labour system
Part II: How it Organizes: Mergers and acquisitions
Divisional form, hive-off, and manufacturer-supplier relations
Business groups
Part III: How it Affects: Industrial organization
Macroeconomic stability
Economic growth
Government policies
Japanese management in the world

About the author: 

Hiroyuki Odagiri, University of Tsukuba

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