Old Friends, New Enemies. the Royal Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy: Volume 2: The Pacific War 1942-1945: Vol.2

ISBN : 9780198201502

Arthur Jacob Marder; Mark Jacobsen; John Horsfield
664 Pages
145 x 219 mm
Pub date
Aug 1990
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This first scholarly account of the Royal Navy in the Pacific War is a companion volume to Arthur Marder's Old Friends, New Enemies: Strategic Illusions, 1936-1941 (0-19-822604-7, OP). Picking up the story at the nadir of British naval fortunes - 'everywhere weak and naked', in Churchill's phrase - it examines the Royal Navy's role in events from 1942 to the Japanese surrender in August 1945. Drawing on both British and Japanese sources and personal accounts by participants, the authors vividly retell the story of the collapse of Allied defences in the Dutch East Indies, culminating in the Battle of the Java Sea. They recount the attempts of the 'fighting admiral', Sir James Somerville, to train his motley fleet of cast-offs into an efficient fighting force in spite of the reluctance of Churchill, who resisted the formation of a full-scale British Pacific Fleet until the 1945 assault on the Ryukyu Islands immediately south of Japan. Meticulously researched and fully referenced, this unique and absorbing account provides a controversial analysis of the key personalities who shaped events in these momentous years, and makes fascinating reading for anyone interested in the Pacific War. This book also appears in the Oxford General Books catalogue for Autumn 1990.


Maps and figures
Abbreviations and operational code names
Part One. The Rising Sun (December 1941 - April 1942): The grim Allied outlook
The road to the Java Sea
The Indian Ocean
(Playing) cat and mouse
Reactions and reflections
Part Two. Holding the Ring (May 1942 - August 1944): The Admiralty of the Indian Ocean
In the Doldrums
To Colombo and beyond
An uncertain trumpet
Somerville and Mountbatten: Denouement
Part Three. The Setting Sun August 1944 - August 1945): The British Pacific Fleet: inception
Prospects of defeat, obligations of honour
Main fleet to Okinawa
The East Indies fleet
The Imperial Navy and the way to peace
Sunset over Fujiyama
Conclusion: reluctant enemies
Appendix. The Royal Navy prisoners of war

About the author: 

Arthur J. Marder, the Universities of Hawaii and California; Mark Jacobsen, United States Naval Historical Center, Washington; John Horsfield, American University at Cairo

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