ADHD: What Everyone Needs to Know®

ISBN : 9780190223809

Stephen P. Hinshaw; Katherine Ellison
216 Pages
149 x 211 mm
Pub date
Nov 2015
What Everyone Needs to Know
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Rates of diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are skyrocketing, throughout America and the rest of the world. U.S. rates of youth diagnosis have increased 40% from just a decade ago. Adults with ADHD are now the fastest-growing segment of the population receiving diagnosis and medication. The disorder is painful and sometimes disabling for individuals and tremendously costly for society; yet, widespread misinformation, skepticism, and unanswered questions have jeopardized effective diagnosis and treatment. Researched and written by Stephen Hinshaw, an international expert on ADHD, and Katherine Ellison, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and author, ADHD: What Everyone Needs to Know is the go-to book for authoritative, current, accurate, and compelling information about the global ADHD epidemic. This book addresses questions such as: * Is ADHD a genuine medical condition or a means of pathologizing active and exploratory behavior? * Do medications fo


Part I: Facing the Facts
Chapter 1: What is ADHD? And Why Does it Suddenly Seem to be Everywhere?
Chapter 2: How Widespread Is It?
Chapter 3: What Causes It?
Chapter 4: How Do You Know If You Have It?
Chapter 5: How Does ADHD Change Over the Lifespan?
Chapter 6: How Much Does It Matter Who You Are and Where You Live?
Part II: Taking Action
Chapter 7: How Helpful-or Harmful-Is Medication?
Chapter 8: How Helpful is Behavior Therapy, and What Kinds of Behavior Therapies Help the Most?
Chapter 9: What Other Strategies May Be Helpful in Treating ADHD?
Chapter 10: What Do You Need to Know About the ADHD Industrial Complex?
Chapter 11: Conclusions and Recommendations

About the author: 

Stephen Hinshaw, PhD, is an internationally recognized research investigator of child and adolescent disorders, award-winning teacher, and author of more than 280 research articles and chapters plus 12 books. His most recent book, with Richard Scheffler, is The ADHD Explosion: Myths, Medication, Money, and Today's Push for Performance. He is a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and vice chair for psychology in the department of psychiatry at UC San Francisco.; Katherine Ellison is a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and author of several books. She specializes in writing about neuroscience, learning disorders, and education. Her books include The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes You Smarter and Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention.

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