The EU Antitrust Damages Directive: Transposition in the Member States

ISBN : 9780198812760

Barry Rodger; Miguel Sousa Ferro; Francisco Marcos
544 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Dec 2018
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This book makes a significant and original contribution to the literature on the developing area of private enforcement of EU competition law. It delivers a significant, rigorous and comprehensive analysis of the transposition across a broad selection of Member States (MS) of a major EU Directive introduced with the aim of harmonising and facilitation competition law damages actions across the European Union.


Part I: EU Competition Law Private Enforcement and the Antitrust Damages Directive
1. Barry Rodger, Miguel Sousa Ferro, & Francisco Marcos: : Introduction to Competition law Private Enforcement in the EU
2. Barry Rodger, Miguel Sousa Ferro, & Francisco Marcos: Promotion and harmonization of Antitrust Damages claims by Directive EU/2014/104
Part II: The Member State Reports on Transposition of the Directive
3. Caroline Cauffman: Belgium
4. Maria Ioannidou: Cyprus
5. Muriel Chagny: France
6. Christian Kersting: Germany
7. Maria Ioannidou: Greece
8. Csongor Istvan Nagy: Hungary
9. Mary Catherine Lucey: Ireland
10. Susanna Lopopolo: Italy
11. Jurgita Malainauskaite: Lithuania
12. Caroline Cauffman: Luxembourg
13. Jeroen Kortmann & Simon de Mineur: The Netherlands
14. Maciej Bernatt & Maciej Gac: Poland
15. Miguel Sousa Ferro: Portugal
16. Francisco Marcos: Spain
17. Lars Henriksson: Sweden
18. Barry Rodger: United Kingdom
Part III: Comparative Analysis of the Transposition Processes and Outcomes
19. Barry Rodger, Miguel Sousa Ferro, & Francisco Marcos: Transposition Context, Processes, Measures and Scope
20. Barry Rodger, Miguel Sousa Ferro, & Francisco Marcos: Transposition: Key Issues and Controversies
21. Barry Rodger, Miguel Sousa Ferro, & Francisco Marcos: Concluding Remarks

About the author: 

Professor Barry Rodger has been an academic at Strathclyde University Law School since 1993 and has been a Professor there since 2001. Professor Rodger has published widely in competition law (and international private law), and many of his recent publications have focused on private enforcement of competition law. Professor Rodger is the Secretary and co-organiser of the Competition Law Scholars' Forum (www.clasf.org ) and co-editor of the Competition Law Review, and is on the organizing committee of the Scottish Competition Law Forum.; Professor Miguel Sousa Ferro is a Professor at the Lisbon University Law School, where he obtained his law degree and PhD, and at the European University (Lisbon, Laureate Group). He specialises in EU Law, Competition Law and Regulatory Law. He also holds an LL.M in European Law from the College of Europe, Bruges. He is Counsel at Eduardo Paz Ferreira & Associados and is co-Director of the Portuguese Competition & Regulation Journal (Revista de Concorrencia & Regulacao).; Professor Francisco Marcos is a law and economics scholar with more than 10 years' professional experience in research and advisory work on competition law and policy (both in the private sector and as former head of an investigation unit in a competition agency). Since 2003 he has been a Professor of Law at IE Law School, Madrid. He has also been Acting Director of the Vasque Competition Authority's Investigation Unit on two cases (Sep 2015, May 2016). He has been a consultant with several missions in developing countries in the Andean region (Ecuador, 2005 and 2006; Peru, 2007; Bolivia, 2016), in Central America (Guatemala, 2014; El Salvador, 2009), in Africa (EAC-Uganda, 2013; Zambia, 2012), as well as in other regions (Romania, 2012; Armenia 2013; Jordan, 2006; Mexico, 2014), rendering advice to governments (under contract by WB-IFC 2012-15, and European Commission, 2005, 2006, and 2014), and to private firms concerning the enactment, implementation, and enforcement of competition policy.

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