'a Journey from Tete to Zumbo' by Albino Manoel Pacheco

ISBN : 9780197265604

Malyn Newitt
220 Pages
162 x 241 mm
Pub date
Feb 2014
Fontes Historiae Africanae, New Series: Sources of African History
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Albino Manoel Pacheco was sent in 1861-2 to re-establish the Portuguese settlement at Zumbo at a time when Livingstone's Zambesi Expedition was still very active in the region. He wrote an account of his expedition which has long been recognised to be of exceptional importance, though it can only be found in obscure 19th century publications. In it he gives the first detailed description of the activities of the African spirit mediums and records the traditional history of the 'empire' of the Monomotapas. He also gives a history of the Zumbo settlement which draws on the traditions of the Africans of the area. Pacheco's text is exceptional in the extent to which he made use of African oral tradition and, although it is less well known than Gamitto's King Kazembe it is just as important for an understanding of African society on the eve of the 'scramble'. This edition and translation makes Pacheco's account fully available for Portuguese and English readers for the first time.


The Book
The Historical Background
Zumbo and Feira/Mucariva
Appendix 1: The Pacheco Family
Appendix 2: Pacheco and the condemnation of the slaver 'Eolo'
Uma Viagem de Tete ao Zumbo. Diario de Albino Manoel Pacheco
A Journey from Teto to Zumbo. The Diary of Albino Manoel Pacheco

About the author: 

Malyn Newitt's previous British Academy publication (Treatise on the Rivers of Cuama) was the winner of the 2011 Paul Hair Prize of the African Studies Association (US body)

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