Legal Translation Outsourced

ISBN : 9780190900007

Juliette R. Scott
232 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Nov 2018
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As a result of globalization, cross-border transactions and litigation, and multilingual legislation, outsourcing legal translation has become common practice. Unfortunately, over-reliance on such outsourcing has given rise to significant dangers, including information asymmetry, goal divergence, and risk.

Legal Translation Outsourced provides the only current reference on commercial legal translation performed outside institutions. Juliette Scott casts a critical eye on the practice as it now stands, offering an analysis of key risks and constraints. Her work is informed by empirical data of the legal translation outsourcing markets of 41 countries. Scott proposes original theoretical models aimed both at training legal translators and informing all stakeholders, including principals and agents. These include models of legal translation performance; a classification of constraints on legal translation applying upstream, during and downstream of translation work; and a description of the complex chain of supply.

Working to improve the enterprise itself, Scott shows how implementing a comprehensive legal translation brief—a sorely needed template—can significantly benefit clients by increasing the fitness of translated texts. Further, she opens a number of avenues for future research with an eye to translator empowerment and professionalization.


Chapter 1 The outsourced legal translation environment
Chapter 2 Facets of legal translation performance
Chapter 3 Constraints on the outsourced legal translation process
Chapter 4 A comprehensive legal translation brief
Chapter 5 A triangulated survey of the outsourcing of legal translations to external practitioners

About the author: 

Juliette Scott researches externalized legal translation, drawing from a range of intersecting disciplines, to which she brings 30 years' experience as a practitioner in the fields of international financial crime, complex corporate litigation and legislation. She has a particular interest in professionalization, as well as reinforcing links between academia and practice.

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