The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

ISBN : 9780190887124

Clemente Marconi
728 Pages
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Sep 2018
Oxford Handbooks
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The study of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture has a long history that goes back to the second half of the 18th century and has provided an essential contribution towards the creation and the definition of the wider disciplines of Art History and Architectural History. This venerable tradition and record are in part responsible for the diffused tendency to avoid general discussions addressing the larger theoretical implications, methodologies, and directions of research in the discipline. This attitude is in sharp contrast not only with the wider field of Art History, but also with disciplines that are traditionally associated with the study of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, like Classics and Classical Archaeology. In recent years, the field has been characterized by an ever-increasing range of approaches, under the influence of various disciplines such as Sociology, Semiotics, Gender Theory, Anthropology, Reception Theory, and Hermeneutics. In light of these recent developments, this Handbook seeks to explore key aspects of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, and to assess the current state of the discipline.

The Handbook includes thirty essays, in addition to the introduction, by an international team of leading senior scholars, who have played a critical role in shaping the field, and by younger scholars, who will express the perspectives of a newer generation. After a framing introduction written by the editor, which compares ancient and modern notions of art and architecture, the Handbook is divided into five sections: Pictures from the Inside, Greek and Roman Art and Architecture in the Making, Ancient Contexts, Post-Antique Contexts, and Approaches. Together, the essays in the volume make for an innovative and important book, one that is certain to find a wide readership.


Abbreviations and Spelling Norms
Clemente Marconi
Part I Pictures from the Inside
1. Greek and Roman Theories of Art
Deborah Steiner
2. Greek and Roman Architectural Theory
Mark Wilson Jones
3. Greek and Roman Specialized Writing on Art and Architecture
Francesco de Angelis
4. Greek and Roman Images of Art and Architecture
Maryl Gensheimer
Part II Greek and Roman Art and Architecture in the Making
5. Greek and Roman Artists
Rainer Vollokommer
6. Greek and Roman Architects
Henner von Hesberg
7. The Patronage of Greek and Roman Art
Eric Varner
8. The Patronage of Greek and Roman Architecture
Bonna Wescoat
9. The Materials and Techniques of Greek and Roman Art
Kenneth Lapatin
10. The Materials, and Techniques of Greek and Roman Architecture
Pier Luigi Tucci
Part III Ancient Contexts
11. The City in the Greek and Roman World
Jamieson C. Donati
12. The Functions of Greek Art
Olga Palagia
13. The Functions of Roman Art
Paul Zanker
14. Buildings, Images, and Rituals in the Greek World
Joannis Mylonopoulos
15. Buildings, Images, and Rituals in the Roman World
Richard Neudecker
16. The Roman Reception of Greek Art and Architecture
Rachel Kousser
17. Roman Art and Architecture in the Provinces and beyond the Roman World
Natalie Kampen
Part IV Post-Antique Contexts
18. The Post-Antique Reception of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture
Lucia Faedo
19. The Historiography of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture
Alice A. Donohue
20. Conserving Greek and Roman Architecture
John H. Stubbs
21. Displaying Greek and Roman Art and Architecture in Modern Museums
Beth Cohen
22. Greek and Roman Art and the Debate about Cultural Property
Margaret M. Miles
Part V Approaches
23. Connoisseurship
Adolf H. Borbein
24. Formal Approaches
Christian Kunze
25. Iconographical and Iconological Approaches
Cornelia Isler-Kerenyi
26. Socio-Historical Approaches
Burkhard Fehr
27. Gender Studies
Caroline Vout
28. Anthropological Approaches
Gloria Ferrari
29. Theories of Reception
Michael Squire
30. Semiotics to Agency
Tonio Holscher

About the author: 

Clemente Marconi is James R. McCredie Professor of Greek Art and Archaeology and University Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University.

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