Child Welfare: An Integrative Perspective

ISBN : 9780190885342

Cathleen A. Lewandowski
320 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Sep 2018
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Organized around the theme of child well-being, this book provides an overview of child welfare's past and present with consideration of its future. Using case examples and discussion questions, this text engages readers in a critical examination of the challenges and strategies used to date to suggest possible directions for promoting the well-being of all children. Meanwhile, the "whole child" integrative approach to child welfare uniquely examines strategies to address children's physical, emotional, social, and psychological needs. Child welfare policy and practices are integrated throughout, thereby illustrating the context in which child welfare practice occurs and how practice and policy are connected. Current issues guiding practice with children who are especially at-risk are also explored, including children with disabilities, immigrant children, and youth who may have been trafficked. Child Welfare is a rich resource for social work students, child welfare practitioners, and administrators alike.


Part I. Child Welfare Policy and Practice: Historical Overview
1. Early Forms of Alternative Care
2. Child Welfare and the Progressive Era
3. Contemporary Forms of Alternative Care
4. Caring for Children's Physical Needs: Income and Concrete Services
5. Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect
6. Child Well-Being: An Integrative Perspective
Part II. Protecting Children from Harm
7. Child Abuse and Neglect: Discovery and Definition
8. Decision-Making Processes in Child Protective Services
9. Alternative Care: Safe Havens for Children at Risk
10. Special Populations: Children with Unique Needs
Part III. Child Well-Being: An Integrative Approach
11. Child Abuse Prevention
12. Reunifying Children with Their Families
13. Adoption: Past and Present
14. Children's Health and Well-Being

About the author: 

Cathleen Lewandowski, PhD, MSW, is Professor and Director of the School of Social Work at Cleveland State University in Ohio. Her research interests include child welfare, substance abuse, and veterans' issues. She has practice experience in administration in children and family services, mental health, and military social work.

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