Diagnosing and Treating Medicus Incomprehensibilis: Case Studies in Revising Medical Writing

ISBN : 9780190868680

Oscar Linares; David T. Daly; Gertrude A. Daly
256 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Oct 2018
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Diagnosing and Treating Medicus Incomphensibilis is a book of case studies on revising medical writing into plain English. It is a companion to Plain English for Doctors and Other Medical Scientists (Oxford University Press, 2017). It gives more practice to help the reader master skills in plain English medical writing.

The 12 case studies are based on excerpts from articles published in leading medical journals. The excerpts cover a wide range of medical topics. Each case study looks at one excerpt, between 56 and 308 words long, that shows many classic symptoms of medicus incomprehensibilis - those overused writing habits that make medical writing hard to read. The case study asks questions, and gives short exercises, to guide the reader through the process of diagnosing the symptoms of medicus incomprehensibilis. The reader writes their prescription and revises to treat the symptoms. After each case study, the authors give their answers, prescription and revision.

This book is intended for doctors and other medical scientists who write for medical journals, and anyone who aspires to do so. It is intended for writers at all levels, from veteran authors to students. It includes writers in related fields such as public health, pharmacology, nursing and life sciences. It is designed for self-study, seminar or classroom use.


1. Allowing More People to Take Part in Research Studies
2. Finding the Causes of Diarrhoea in Children
3. Trends in Adult Body-Mass Index
4. Herniated Lumbar Inter-Vertebral Disk
5. Effects of Testosterone in Older Men
6. Atrial Fibrillation and the Risk of Heart, Blood Vessel, and Kidney Disease
7. Glucose Lowering Drugs in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
8. Low Thyroid Function in Old People
9. Murder Liability for Prescribing Opioids
10. Factors Associated with Preventable Re-Admissions
11. Integrating Genetic Testing Results into Clinical Practice
12. How Tamoxifen Interacts with Anti-Depressants
13. Analyzing the wseg scores - What can we learn from the numbers?
14. Afterword

About the author: 

Oscar Linares, MD is a Cuban-born internist and geriatrician (retired). He studied mathematical modeling under Dr. Loren Zech, a senior scientist at the National Institutes of Health. He is an experienced medical researcher and author of over 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles. David Daly is a retired lawyer experienced in drafting and negotiating international automotive contracts in plain English. He has won three awards from the State Bar of Michigan for clear legal writing. He has worked with Dr. Linares to write medical articles, medical opinions, and legal briefs in medical cases in plain English. Gertrude Daly is a technical writer and editor.

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