Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in Hyper-Connected World

ISBN : 9780190665296

Mike Brooks; Jon Lasser
328 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Sep 2018
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Parents often worry about raising kids in a tech-saturated world - the threats of cyberbullying, video game violence, pornography, and sexting may seem inescapable. And while these dangers exist, there is a much more common and subtle way that technology can cause harm: by eroding our attention spans. Focused attention is fundamental to maintaining quality relationships, but our constant interaction with screens and social media is shortening our attention spans - which takes a toll on our personal connections with friends and family and our ability to form real relationships.

Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World guides parents in teaching their children how to reap the benefits of living in a digital world while also preventing its negative effects. Mike Brooks and Jon Lasser, psychologists with extensive experience working with kids, parents, and teachers, combine cutting-edge research and expertise to create an engaging and helpful guide that emphasizes the importance of the parent-child relationship. They reject an "all or nothing" attitude towards technology, in favor of a balanced approach that neither idealizes nor demonizes the digital. Brooks and Lasser provide strategies for preventing technology from becoming problematic in the first place; steps for addressing problems when they arise; and ways of intervening when problems are out of control. They also discuss the increasingly challenging issue of technology use in schools, and how parents can collaborate with educators when concerns arise over kids' use of technology.


1. Introduction
2. Technology in Our Lives
3. Is Our Technology Making Us Any Happier?
4. The Pull of Our Screens
5. The Effects on Technology on Children and Families
6. Press Start: It's About the Relationship
7. Green Light Strategies for Prevention
8. Yellow Light Strategies for Emerging Concerns
9. Red Light Strategies for When Intervention is Necessary
10. Parenting, Technology, and Schooling

About the author: 

Mike Brooks, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and the director of the Austin Psychology & Assessment Center (ApaCenter), which is a group of psychologists and other practitioners who provide psychological and neuropsychological assessments, therapy, consultation, and coaching to people of all ages.; Jon Lasser, PhD, is a professor and program coordinator of the School Psychology Program at Texas State University.

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