Qualitative Research and Complex Teams

ISBN : 9780190648138

Judith Davidson
192 Pages
140 x 216 mm
Pub date
Nov 2018
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Most qualitative researchers work on teams at some point. Qualitative Research and Complex Teams charts new methodological territory by providing hands-on help for qualitative researchers working on team projects. Useful to those working with a purely qualitative research design or mixed methods, the text provides a unique focus on writing and communications, offering strategies for all stages of the process from research design to final product.

This volume provides an overview of the research related to team-based work, as well as a discussion of relevant changes in approaches to writing in the field. Readers will learn how to initiate team-based work through a digital tool kit approach, organize systems to insure efficiency, and undertake the process of bringing together and training diverse teams. Jargon-free, this book provides strong guidance for thinking about the joint arenas of methodological and substantive writing, and it develops ways to further the aims of both as the project proceeds.


Introduction: Why This Book is Needed Now
Chapter 1: Complex Research Teams On the Rise
Chapter 2: Research Design in Team-Based Qualitative Research
Chapter 3: Writing Up Methods in Team-Based Qualitative Research
Chapter 4: Substantive Writing in Team-Based Qualitative Research
Chapter 5: Trends, Issues, and Considerations
A. Example of Methodological Writing: Focus Group -- How to Conduct
B. Example of Methodological Writing: Ground Rules -- Focus Groups
C. Example of a Methodological Log (Methodological Tracking by Researcher)
D. Example of an Event Log (Technical Tracking by Software)
E. Example of Methodological Coding -- Golddust Code
F. Example of E-Project from the Top-Down: Overview of Coding Section of a Project
G. Example of a Qualitative Research Syllabus: Team-Based Perspective
H. Example of a Qualitative Research Course Schedule: Team-Based Perspective

About the author: 

Judith Davidson is a qualitative research methodologist with an interest in digital tools for qualitative research, arts-based research, and research design in complex teams. She is Associate Professor in the College of Education of University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

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