Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain

ISBN : 9780190627898

Paul Karoly; Geert Crombez
640 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Sep 2018
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Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain is one of the first volumes to present a cohesive account of the adaptation to chronic pain from a motivational perspective. Contributing authors from diverse areas of pain research offer comprehensive summaries of the concepts, findings, and applied methodologies that converge on the role of goals and goal-related cognitive processes, self-regulatory support mechanisms, contextual forces, and emotionality as they influence (and are influenced by) the experience of chronic pain.

This volume provides readers with an up-to-date compendium of cutting-edge research and interventions that collectively illustrate the utility of viewing chronic pain neither as a "disease" nor an imposed lifestyle, but as the emergent and potentially flexible product of a complex transactional system that is bounded by both sociocultural factors and by biogenetic and neural moderating forces. Within its pages, chapters capture the vibrancy of current theory, research, and practice while pointing toward unexplored new directions. Among the important topics addressed by this distinguished group of authors include: the nature and relevance of control systems, the role of neural mechanisms on pain processing, the influence positive and negative emotion regulation play on pain management, the impact of learning and conditioning, and the often neglected influence of interpersonal processes on adjustment to chronic pain.


SECTION I: Fundamental Concepts and Models
Chapter 1: A Goal-Center, Self-Regulatory Model of Motivation and its Relevance for Advancing the Study of Chronic Pain
Paul Karoly
Chapter 2: Neural Mechanisms Underlying Pain
Massieh Moayedi and Karen D. Davis
Chapter 3: Emotion Regulation and Cognitive Control in Pain Processing
Nancy A. Hamilton, Ruth Ann Atchley, Lauren Boddy, Erik Benau, and Ronald Freche
Chapter 4: Learning and Conditioning in Chronic Pain
Johan W.S. Vlaeyen
Chapter 5: Stress and Sensitization in Chronic Pain
Dieuwke S. Veldhuijzen, Henriet van Middendorp, and Andrea W.M. Evers
SECTION II: Current Motivational Research
Chapter 6: Pain and Attention: Towards a Motivational Account
Dimiti van Ryckeghem and Geert Crombez
Chapter 7: Chronic Pain and Interpersonal Processes: A Need-Based Approach
Sara Kindt, Liesbet Goubert, Maarten Vansteenkiste, and Tine Vervoort
Chapter 8: Avoidance and Endurance in Chronic Pain: A Self-Regulation Perspective
Monika I. Hasenbring and Hanne Kindermanns
Chapter 9: Chronic Pain and Goal Conflict/Frustration
Nathalie Claes and Winifred Gebhardt
Chapter 10: Chronic Pain and Psychopathology: Exploring the Motivational Context and its Clinical Implications
Paul Karoly
SECTION III: Applied Considerations
Chapter 11: Motivational Interviewing and Pain Management
Mark P. Jensen
Chapter 12: A Motivational Perspective on Coping with Pain
Stefaan Van Damme and Geert Crombez
Chapter 13: The Nature and Adaptive Implications of Pain-Affect Dynamics
Mary C. Davis, Chung Mun, Dhwani Kothari, Shannon Moore, Crys Rivers, Kirti Thummala, and Giulia Weyrich
Chapter 14: Motivation from the Perspective of Contextual Cognitive Behavioral Approaches and the Psychological Flexibility Model
Lance McCracken and Whitney Scott
Chapter 15: Enhancing Pain Self-Management via Internet-Based Technology
Linda Ruehlman and Marian Wilson

About the author: 

Paul Karoly is Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University. He is a clinical-health psychologist with over four decades of experience as a teacher and researcher. He has published extensively on and developed models of the goal-centered processes of self-regulation and self-control as applied to such topics as chronic pain, psychopathology, psychological assessment, and therapeutic change. He is editor or co-editor of ten other volumes, and serves as a reviewer for multiple pain journals. He is a fellow of Division 1 (General Psychology) and Division 38 (Health Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. Geert Crombez is Professor of Health Psychology at Ghent University, where he founded the health psychology research group. He has developed various theoretical models on pain, disability and suffering that have substantial impact on research and practice. He uses and develops innovative research methods to validate these models. Foundational to his research is a; motivational perspective that is built around the powers of goals and self-regulation

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