ISBN : 9780190448974

Tersia Botha; Johan Strydom; Sharon Rudansky-Kloppers; Watson Ladzani
369 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
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Leadership is an increasingly important concept which is being heralded as a necessary topic to be included in undergraduate courses at South African institutions, given the dearth of leadership skill displayed in especially the public sector. Leadership is a subject which should be approached in a holistic manner, particularly within the Economic and Management Sciences. The purpose of this textbook is to identify the principles of leadership in contemporary business organisations and to develop the students' understanding of the interrelatedness of leadership and management in order to achieve organisational goals. The textbook also covers contemporary issues in practicing leadership for success. The book aims to encourage students to understand the principles and the importance of effective leadership in modern organisations, to understand the leadership skills that are necessary in modern organisations, the role of leaders in workplace relations, the role of leaders in teamwork, the importance of leadership ethics and the formulation of leadership standards and evaluation of leadership performance.


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Leadership
Chapter 2 - Leadership, power and influence
Chapter 3 - The leadership/management debate
Chapter 4 - Early approaches to understanding leadership
Chapter 5 - Transformational, transactional and charismatic leadership
Chapter 6 - Leading teams: Delivering team performance
Chapter 7 - Leading change: Leadership's natural habitat
Chapter 8 - Strategic leadership
Chapter 9 - Authentic and ethical leadership
Chapter 10 - Responsible leadership for a sustainable world
Chapter 11 - Leadership development and performance

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