The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers

ISBN : 9780198831044

Vicki Cummings; Peter Jordan; Marek Zvelebil
1360 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Oct 2018
Oxford Handbooks
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For more than a century, the study of hunting and gathering societies has been central to the development of both archaeology and anthropology as academic disciplines, and has also generated widespread public interest and debate. The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers provides a comprehensive review of hunter-gatherer studies to date, including critical engagements with older debates, new theoretical perspectives, and renewed obligations for greater engagement between researchers and indigenous communities. Chapters provide in-depth archaeological, historical, and anthropological case-studies, and examine far-reaching questions about human social relations, attitudes to technology, ecology, and management of resources and the environment, as well as issues of diet, health, and gender relations—all central topics in hunter-gatherer research, but also themes that have great relevance for modern global society and its future challenges.

The Handbook also provides a strategic vision for how the integration of new methods, approaches, and study regions can ensure that future research into the archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers will continue to deliver penetrating insights into the factors that underlie all human diversity.


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Peter Jordan and Vicki Cummings: Introduction: the Oxford handbook of the archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers
Part I: Theoretical Frameworks
1 Peter Jordan and Vicki Cummings: Analytical frames of reference in hunter-gatherer research
2 Alan Barnard: Defining hunter-gatherers: Enlightenment, Romantic and social evolutionary perspectives
3 Mark Pluciennik: Historical frames of reference for 'hunter-gatherers'
4 Raven Garvey and Robery Bettinger: Adaptive and ecological approaches to the study of hunter-gatherers
5 Aubrey Cannon: Historical and humanist perspectives on hunter-gatherers
6 Paul J. Lane: Hunter-gatherer-fishers, ethnoarchaeology and analogical reasoning
7 Kathleen Sterling: Man the hunter, woman the gatherer? The impact of gender studies on hunter-gatherer research (a retrospective)
Part II: The Earliest Hunter-Gatherers
8 Jennie Robinson: Introduction: the first hunter-gatherers
9 Joao Zilhao: The Neanderthals: evolution, paleoecology and extinction
10 K.L. Kuykendall and I.S. Heyerdahl-King: Modern human origins in Africa: a review of the fossil, archaeological, and genetic perspectives on early Homo sapiens
11 Ofer Bar-Yosef: Upper Palaeolithic hunters-gatherers in western Asia
12 Paul Pettitt: The European Upper Palaeolithic
13 Anatoly P. Derevianko, Sergei V. Markin and Andrei V. Tabarev: The Palaeolithic of northern Asia
14 Michael Petraglia and Nicole Boivin: Homo sapiens societies: South Asia
15 Sue O'Connor and David Bulbeck: Homo sapiens societies in Indonesia and south-eastern Asia
16 Iain Davidson: Hunter-gatherers in Australia: deep histories of continuity and change
17 Marcel Kornfeld and Gustavo Politis: Into the Americas: the earliest hunter-gatherers in an empty continent
Part III: Post-glacial Colonizations and Transformations
18 Vicki Cummings: Hunter-gatherers in the post-glacial world
19 Andrew M. T. Moore: Post-glacial transformations among hunter-gatherer societies in the Mediterranean and western Asia
20 Andrew B. Smith: Post-glacial transformations in Africa
21 Ryan Rabett and Sacha Jones: Post-glacial transformations in south and south-east Asia
22 Junko Habu: Post-Pleistocene transformations of hunter-gatherers in east Asia: the Jomon and Chulmun
23 Jiri Svoboda: Post-glacial transformations: Danubian Europe
24 Graeme Warren: Transformations? The Mesolithic of north-west Europe
25 Felix Riede: The resettlement of northern Europe
Part IV: Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Innovations
26 Peter Jordan and Vicki Cummings: Prehistoric hunter-gatherer innovations
27 Steven L. Kuhn and Amy E. Clark: Stone tool technology
28 J. D. Lewis-Williams: Art for the living
29 Brian Hayden: Social complexity
30 Peter Hommel: Ceramic technology
31 C. R. Wickham-Jones: Coastal adaptations
32 Liv Nilsson Stutz: Mortuary practices
33 David R. Harris: Plant domestications
34 Alan K. Outram: Animal domestications
Part V: The Persistence of Hunting and Gathering Amongst Farmers in Prehistory and Beyond
35 Vicki Cummings: Hunting and gathering in a farmers' world
36 Detlef Gronenborn: The persistence of hunting and gathering: Neolithic western temperate and central Europe
37 D. C. M. Raemaekers: The persistence of hunting and gathering amongst farmers in prehistory in Neolithic north-west Europe
38 Vicki Cummings and Oliver Harris: The continuity of hunting and gathering in the Neolithic and beyond in Britain and Ireland
39 Charlotte Damm and Lars Forsberg: Forager-farmer contacts in northern Fennoscandinavia
40 Huw Barton: The persistence of hunting and gathering amongst farmers in south-east Asia in prehistory and beyond
41 Katherine A Spielmann: The emergence of forager-farmer interaction in North America
Part VI: Ethnohistory and Anthropology of 'Modern' Hunter-Gatherers
42 Peter Jordan: The ethnohistory and anthropology of 'modern' hunter gatherers
43 Robert K. Hitchcock: Hunter-gatherer research traditions in southern Africa
44 Barry S. Hewlett and Jason Fancher: Central African hunter-gatherer research traditions
45 Ian Keen: Regional hunter-gatherer research traditions: Australia
46 David Robinson: From ethnohistory to ethnogenesis: a historiography of hunter-gatherer cultural anthropology in the California and the Great Basin
47 Sean O'Neill: Exploring hunter-gatherer-fisher complexity on the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America
48 Jana Fortier: Regional hunter-gatherer traditions in south-east Asia
49 Gustavo G. Politis and Almudena Hernando: Regional hunter-gatherer research traditions: South America
50 Mark Hudson: The ethnohistory and anthropology of 'modern' hunter-gatherers: North Japan
51 Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen: Hunter-gatherer transformations in northern Europe after 1500 AD
Part VII: Future Directions in Hunter-Gatherer Research
52 Peter Jordan and Vicki Cummings: New approaches in the study of hunter-gatherers
53 Robert L. Kelly: Future directions in hunter-gatherer research: technology
54 Jelmer W. Eerkens, Robert L. Bettinger, and Peter J. Richerson: Cultural transmission theory and hunter-gatherer archaeology
55 Viktor Cerny and Luisa Pereira: Archaeogenetics of Africa and of the African hunter-gatherers
56 Bruno David, Lara Lamb, and Jack Kaiwari: Landscapes of mobility: the flow of place
57 Nyree Finlay: Personhood and social relations
58 Hannah Cobb: Materials, biographies, identities, experiences: new approaches to materials in hunter-gatherer studies
59 David S. Whitley: Hunter-gatherer religion and ritual
60 Robert Jarvenpa and Hetty Jo Brumbach: Hunter-gatherer gender and identity
61 Rick Schulting: Hunter-gatherer diet, subsistence and foodways

About the author: 

Vicki Cummings is Reader in Archaeology at the University of Central Lancashire. ; Peter Jordan is Director of the Arctic Centre at the University of Groningen. ; Marek Zvelebil was Professor of European Prehistory at the University of Sheffield.

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