Hegel's Interpretation of the Religions of the World: The Logic of the Gods

ISBN : 9780198829492

Jon Stewart
352 Pages
156 x 234 mm
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Sep 2018
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In his Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, Hegel treats the religions of the world under the rubric "the determinate religion." This is a part of his corpus that has traditionally been neglected since scholars have struggled to understand what philosophical work it is supposed to do. In Hegel's Interpretation of the Religions of the World, Jon Stewart argues that Hegel's rich analyses of Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Egyptian and Greek polytheism, and the Roman religion are not simply irrelevant historical material, as is often thought. Instead, they play a central role in Hegel's argument for what he regards as the truth of Christianity. Hegel believes that the different conceptions of the gods in the world religions are reflections of individual peoples at specific periods in history. These conceptions might at first glance appear random and chaotic, but there is, Hegel claims, a discernible logic in them. Simultaneously, a theory of mythology, history, and philosophical anthropology, Hegel's account of the world religions goes far beyond the field of philosophy of religion. The controversial issues surrounding his treatment of the non-European religions are still very much with us today and make his account of religion an issue of continued topicality in the academic landscape of the twenty-first century.


List of Illustrations
Introduction: The Neglect of the Historical Dimension of Hegel's Philosophy of Religion
1 Hegel's Methodology
2 Immediate Religion: Magic
3 Chinese Religion: The Religion of Measure
4 Buddhism and Lamaism: The Religion of Being-within-Self
5 Hinduism: The Religion of Imagination
6 Zoroastrianism: The Religion of the Good or Light
7 The Egyptian Religion: The Religion of Mystery
8 Judaism: The Religion of Sublimity
9 Greek Polytheism: The Religion of Beauty
10 Roman Polytheism: The Religion of Expediency
11 The Absolute or Revealed Religion: Christianity
Bibliography: Hegel and the World Religions

About the author: 

Jon Stewart is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. He is the founder and general editor of the series Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources, Texts from Golden Age Denmark, and Danish Golden Age Studies. He is the co-editor of the Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook and Kierkegaard Studies Monograph Series. He is the author of Soren Kierkegaard: Subjectivity, Irony and the Crisis of Modernity (Oxford University Press, 2015).

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