Natural Resources and Human Rights: An Appraisal

ISBN : 9780198795667

Jeremie Gilbert
240 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Oct 2018
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Natural resources and their effective management are necessary for securing the realisation of human rights. The management of natural resources is linked to broad issues of economic development, as well as to political stability, peace and security, but it is also intimately connected to the political, economic, social and cultural rights of individuals and communities relying on these resources. The management of natural resources often leads to ill-planned development, misappropriation of land, corruption, bad governance, misaligned budget priorities, lack of strong institutional reforms and weak policies coupled with a continued denial of the human rights of local communities.

This book argues that human rights law can play an important role in ensuring a more effective and sustainable management of natural resources, putting forward the idea of a human rights-based normative framework for natural resource management. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the different norms, procedures, and approaches developed under human rights law that are relevant to the management of natural resources. Advocating for a less market and corporate approach to the control, ownership, and management of natural resources, this book supports the development of holistic and coherent integration of human rights law in the overall international legal framework governing the management of natural resources.


1 Sovereignty, Self Determination and Natural Resources: Reclaiming Peoples' Rights
2 Property Rights and Natural Resources: States, Communities, and Corporations
3 Governance of Natural Resources & Human Rights: From Development to Benefit-Sharing
4 Life and Natural Resources: Livelihood, Conflicts, and Personal Integrity
5 Cultural Rights and Natural Resources: Cultural Heritage, Traditional Knowledge and Spirituality
6 Protecting Natural Resources: Conservation, Biodiversity, Climate Change & Human Rights

About the author: 

Jeremie Gilbert is Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Roehampton (United Kingdom). His main area of research is on international human rights law, and more particularly the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples. He has extensively published on the rights of indigenous peoples, looking in particular at their right to land and natural resources. Jeremie has worked with several indigenous peoples and local communities across the globe and regularly serves as a consultant for several international organisations and non-governmental organisations supporting human rights. As a legal expert, he has been involved in providing legal briefs, expert opinions and carrying out evidence gathering in several cases involving land and natural resources rights.

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