CEO, Chess Master or Gardener?: How Game-changing HR Reforms in Bank of Baroda Created a New Future for Bank of Baroda

ISBN : 9780199485642

Anil Khandelwal
388 Pages
148 x 225 mm
Pub date
Aug 2018
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This volume is based on the author's experiences as a chief executive officer (CEO) at the Bank of Baroda and his research findings of almost five decades (mid-1950s to 2000) on several CEO's strategies in industrial relations (IR) across organizations. The study underlines the need for an effective integration of industrial relations and human resource (HR) development to achieve positive business outcomes. Using personal interviews and archival material, Khandelwal examines the evolution of IR strategies in the context of changing environmental and organizational factors and its impact on the relations between the management and trade unions within the bank over an extended period of time. He submits it is crucial that employees are engaged and formal institutional mechanisms instituted to deal with the concerns of employees as well as of trade unions as a whole in order to transform the paradigm of employee relations from a narrow, union-focused perspective to a broader approach of empowering operating managers. Such a paradigm shift could, this work asserts, pave the way for significant changes, such as the introduction of new technology, customer-centric initiatives, new HR initiatives and rebranding with dramatic business outcomes within a short period of time.


List of Tables 4
Acknowledgements 5
List of Abbreviations 7
Preface 8
Introduction 11
Section I: Researching Industrial Relations 20
Chapter 1: Setting of the Research Agenda 21
Chapter 2: Pragmatic Paternalism (1956-68) 41
Chapter 3: A Testing Time (1969-70) 54
Chapter 4: Fight to the Finish (1971-74) 64
Chapter 5: Divide and Rule (1975-81) 87
Chapter 6: Soft Pedalling (1982-84) 119
Chapter 7: Management Apathy to Reforms (1985-90): A feel from the field 135
Chapter 8: Trade Unions Rule the Roost (1990-2000) 195
Section II: From Research to Experiments in the Field 221
Chapter 9: New Explorations and Initiatives (1995-97) 222
Chapter 10: Dislodging the Status Quo (1997-2000) 238
Section III: Towards a New Paradigm 264
Chapter 11: Reforming IR 266
Chapter 12: From IR to HRD: 310
Chapter 13: Inferences and Insights 356
Chapter 14: CEO - Chess master or Gardener? 389
Appendix 398
Bibliography 402

About the author: 

Dr Anil K. Khandelwal has been appointed by the Government of India as a member of Banks Board Bureau. He is also a senior advisor at KPMG and is a non-executive chairman of a bank in Mauritius. Khandelwal is a leading transformational leader, author, educationist and an HRD expert. He is the former chairman and managing director of Bank of Baroda and Dena Bank.

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