The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Race in American History

ISBN : 9780190221171

Kathryn Gin Lum; Paul Harvey
632 Pages
182 x 251 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
Oxford Handbooks
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In The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Race in American History, thirty-six scholars investigate the complex interdependencies of religion and race through American history. The volume covers the religious experience, social realities, theologies, and sociologies of racialized groups in American religious history, as well as the ways that religion contributed to and challenged their racialization.


Introduction, Kathryn Gin Lum and Paul Harvey

Section I: Terms and Theories
1. Merinda Simmons, Identifying Race and Religion
2. Jessica Delgado and Kelsey Moss, Race and Religion in the Early Modern Iberian Atlantic
3. Sylvester Johnson, Religion, Race, and American Empire
4. Elizabeth Jemison, Gendering the History of Race and Religion
5. Monica Mercado, Religion, Race, and Sexuality
6. Lerone Martin, Religion, Race, and Popular Culture
7. Michael Altman, Orientalism in 19th-Century America
Section II: Religious Traditions and Popular Culture
8. Sarah Ruble, American Missionaries and Race
9. Patrick Mason, Mormonism and Race
10. Mike Pasquier, Catholicism and Race
11. Jodi Eichler-Levine, American Judaism and Race
12. Juliane Hammer, Islam and Race in American History
13. Adeana McNicholl, Religion, Race, and Buddhism
14. Anthony Pinn, Religion, Race, and Humanism
15. David Stowe, Religion and Race in American Music
16. Rachel Lindsey, Documentary Photography and the Visual Politics of Race and Religion
17. Judith Weisenfeld, Race, Religion, and Documentary Film
18. Jeffrey Scholes, Religion, Race, and Sports

Section III: Colonial Destructions and Creations
19. Linford Fisher, Native Religions in Early America
20. Jason Young, African and African American Religions in the Early Americas
21. Rebecca Goetz, Religion and Race in the Greater South, 1500-1800
22. Richard Bailey, Puritans and Race
23. Jennifer Graber, Religion and Racial Violence in the Nineteenth Century
24. Emily Clark, African American Religions in the 19th Century
25. Jennifer Thigpen, Race, Religion, and Gender in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands
Section IV: Immigration, Pluralism, and Civil Rights
26. Anne Blankenship, Asian American Religions from Chinese Exclusion to 1965
27. Khyati Joshi, South Asian Religions in Contemporary America
28. Suzanne Smith, African American Religious Identities in the Twentieth Century
29. Carolyn Dupont, White Protestants and the Civil Rights Movement
30. Kerry Pimblott, Black Theologies
31. Angela Tarango, Native American Religions in the Twentieth Century
32. Arlene Sanchez-Walsh, Latinos/as Religious Identities in the Twentieth Century
33. Grace Yukich, Religion, Race, and Immigration in Contemporary America
34. Melissa Borja, Migration and Modern Religious Pluralism

About the author: 

Paul Harvey is a Professor of History and Presidential Teaching Scholar at the University of Colorado.; Kathryn Gin Lum is an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies in collaboration with the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University.

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