Handbook of Culture and Creativity: Basic Processes and Applied Innovations

ISBN : 9780190455682

Angela K.-y. Leung; Letty Kwan; Shyhnan Liou
352 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jul 2018
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Handbook of Culture and Creativity lays the groundwork for pursuing a new science for integrating the study of culture and creativity. Esteemed scholars in the field provide readers with an in-depth and systematic inquiry into the cultural perspectives of creativity.


Contributor List
Introduction Frontier Research on Culture and Creativity: An Overview
Angela K.-y. Leung, Letty Yan-Yee Kwan, and Shyhnan Liou
PART ONE: Culture and Creativity: Reciprocal Relationships
Chapter 1: The Role of Culture in Creative Cognition
Angela K.-y. Leung and Brandon Koh
Chapter 2: The Creative Process of Cultural Evolution
Liane Gabora
PART TWO: Creativity in Socio-Cultural Contexts
Chapter 3: Cultural-Historiometric Studies of Creativity
Dean Keith Simonton
Chapter 4: National and Historical Variations in Innovation Performance: A Country Level Analysis
Chi-yue Chiu and Letty Yan-Yee Kwan
Chapter 5: Cultural Diversity (Fractionalization) and Economic Complexity: Effects on Innovation Performance and Human Development
Letty Yan-Yee Kwan and Chi-yue Chiu
Chapter 6: Cultural Differences in Creative Professional Domains
Vlad Petre Glaveanu and Todd Lubart
PART THREE: Diversifying Experiences and Creativity
Chapter 7: Culture, Language, and Creativity
Baoguo Shi and Jing Luo
Chapter 8: Diversity in Creative Teams: Reaching Across Cultures and Disciplines
Susannah B.F. Paletz, Ivica Pavisic, Ella Miron-Spektor, and Chun-Chi Lin
Chapter 9: Intercultural Relationships and Creativity: Current Research and Future Directions
Fon Wiruchnipawan and Roy Y.J. Chua
Chapter 10: An Integrated Dual-Pathway Model of Multicultural Experience and Creativity
Lay See Ong, Yi Wen Tan, and Chi-Ying Cheng
PART FOUR: Policy and Applied Perspectives
Chapter 11: Innovation in Cultural and Creative Industries
Shyhnan Liou and Chia Han Yang
Chapter 12: Time to be Innovative, Hong Kong: Time Orientation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurial Activities
Marta K. Dowejko, Kevin Au, and Yingzhao Xiao

About the author: 

Angela K.-y. Leung is Associate Professor of Psychology at Singapore Management University.; Letty Kwan is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Chinese University of Hong Kong.; Shyhnan Liou is Professor and Chair in the Institute of Creative Industries Design at the National Cheng Kung University.

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