In the Light of Experience: New Essays on Perception and Reasons

ISBN : 9780198809630

Johan Gersel; Rasmus Thybo Jensen; Morten S. Thaning; Soren Overgaard
304 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
Mind Association Occasional Series
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How does the idea that perception must provide reasons for our empirical judgements constrain our conception of our perceptual experiences? This volume presents ten new essays on perception which in different ways address this fundamental question. Charles Travis and John McDowell debate whether we need to ascribe content to experience in order to understand how it can provide the subject with reasons. Other essays address issues such as the following: What exactly is the Myth of the Given and why should it be worthwhile to try to avoid it? What constitutes our experiential reasons? Is it experiences themselves, the objects of experiences, or facts about our experiences? Should we conceive of experiential reasons as conclusive reasons? How should we conceive of the fallibility of our perceptual capacities if we think of experiences as capable of providing conclusive reasons? How should we conceive of the objects of experience? The contributors offer a variety of views on the reason-givi


Johan Gersel and Rasmus Thybo Jensen: Introduction
Johan Gersel: The Travis-McDowell Debate
Part I: The Myth of the Given
1 John McDowell: Travis on Frege, Kant, and the Given. Comments on 'Unlocking the Outer World'
2 Charles Travis: The Move, the Divide, the Myth and its Dogma
3 Johan Gersel: What is the Myth of the Given?
4 Hannah Ginsborg: Empiricism and Normative Constraint
Part II: The Epistemology of Empirical Knowledge
5 Christopher Gauker: Do Perceptions Justify Beliefs? The Argument from 'Looks' Talk
6 Jason Leddington: Fallibility for Infallibilists
Part III: The Nature of Experience
7 Alan Millar: Perception and the Vagaries of Experience
8 Heather Logue: World in Mind: Extending Phenomenal Character and Resisting Skepticism
Part IV: The Object of Experience
9 Bill Brewer: Objects and the Explanation of Perception
10 J. J. Cunningham: Are Perceptual Reasons the Objects of Perception?

About the author: 

Johan Gersel is external lecturer in philosophy at the University of Vienna.; Rasmus Thybo Jensen is external lecturer in philosophy at the University of Copenhagen.; Morten S. Thaning is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Department for Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School.; Soren Overgaard is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen.

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