The Philosophy of Science: A Companion

ISBN : 9780190690649

Anouk Baberousse; Denis Bonnay; Mikael Cozic
752 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Aug 2018
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Philosophy of science studies the methods, theories and concepts used by scientists. This book addresses both general philosophy of science and specific questions raised by logic, mathematics, physics, biology, medicine, cognitive science, linguistics, social sciences, and economics.


Part I
1. Scientific Explanation Denis Bonnay
2. Confirmation and Induction Mikael Cozic
3.Causality Max Kistler
4. Metaphysics of Science as Naturalized Metaphysics Michael Esfeld
5. Theories and Models Marion Vorms
6. Scientific Change Anouk Barberousse and Marion Vorms
7. Philosophy of Science and Science Studies Anouk Barberousse
8. Reduction and Emergence Pascal Ludwig
Part II
9. Philosophy of Logic Philippe de Rouilhan
10. Philosophy of Mathematics Denis Bonnay and Jacques Dubucs
11. Philosophy of Physics Anouk Barberousse
12. Philosophy of Biology Thomas Pradeu
13. Philosophy of Medicine Elodie Giroux and Mael Lemoine
14. Philosophy of Social Sciences Jon Elster and Helene Landermore
15. Philosophy of Economics Mikael Cozic
16. Philosophy of Cognitive Science Daniel Andler
17. Philosophy of Linguistics Paul Egre

About the author: 

Barberousse: Professor of Philosophy, Institute of the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Universite Paris 1Bonnay: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Paris Ouest UniversityCozic: Assistant Professor, Institute of the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Universite Paris 1

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