Pain Management: A Problem-Based Learning Approach

ISBN : 9780190271787

Magdalena Anitescu
552 Pages
216 x 279 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
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Pain Management: A Problem-Based Learning Approach combines comprehensive didactics on pain management topics with board like questions grouped in real-time pain practice exams. It is uniquely designed to maximize the retaining of learned information by the long-life learner in the ABA certification/recertification process. It is also ideally used as a reference compendium offering theoretical and practical advice to the busy pain practitioner.


1. Occipital Nuralgia
Andrea Dellaria, Nirav N. Shah, and Helene Rubeiz
2. Trigeminal Neuralgia
Jumana T. Alshaikh, Shaan Sudhakaran, and Helene Rubeiz
3. Mechanical Chronic Jaw Pain
Radhika P. Grandhe, Matthew Valeriano, and Dmitri Souzdalnitski
4. Post-Craniotomy Pain and Chiari Malformation Pain
Andrew Wuenstel, David Frim, and Magdalena Anitescu
5. Spontaneous Intercranial Hypotension (SIH)
Madgalena Anitescu and David Arnolds
6. Cervicogenic Pain
Lynn Kohan and James Liadis
7. Cervical Myofascial Pain
Roger Wang and Sarah Choxi
8. Neurogenic Theoracic Outlet Syndrome
Agnes Stogicza, Virtaj Singh, and Andrea Trescot
9. Chronic Shoulder Pain
Tariq M. Malik
10. Chronic Knee Pain
Randy L. Calisoff and David R. Walega
11. CRPS of the Upper and Lower Extremity
Agnes Stogicza, Bartha Peter Tohotom, Edit Racz, and Andrea Trescot
12. Neuropathic Pain
Faraz Khursheed and Marc O. Maybauer
13. Phantom Limb Pain
Kenneth D. Candido, Teresa M. Kusper, Alexei Lissounov, and Nebojsa Nick Knezevic
14. Chronic Chest Wall Pain in Postherpetic Neuralgia
Kenneth D. Candido, Teresa M. Kusper, and Nebojsa Nick Knezevic
15. Post-Mastectomy Neuropathic Pain
Dalia H. Elmofty
16. Post-Thoracotomy Pain Syndrome
Melinda Aquino
17. Chronic Sternal Pain After Cardiac Surgery
Joel Kent and Afzaal Iqbal
18. Chronic Abdominal Pain in the Elderly: Ischemic Pain
Ashley Reed and Tariq M. Malik
19. Chronic Abdominal Pain in Children
Alina Lazar
20. Chronic Pelvic Pain
Rahul Rastogi, Saima Kamal, and Shuchita Garg
21. Testicular Pain
Andrew J. McNeil and Ajay Antony
22. Chronic Back Pain in the Elderly: Spinal Stenosis
Nebojsa Nick Knezevic, Benjamin Cantu, Ivana Knezevic, and Kenneth D. Candido
23. Chronic Back Pain in a Young Patient
NEbojsa Nick Knezevic, Teresa M. Kusper, and Kenneth D. Candido
24. Postlaminectomy Syndrome
Kenneth D. Candido, Tatiana Tverdohleb, and Nebojsa Nick Knezevic
25. Coccygodynia
Anna Woodbury and Vinita Singh
26. Head and Neck Cancer Pain
Esther Caballero-Manrique and Carlos A. Pino
27. Abdominal Visceral Metastasis
James Wolf and Carlos Pino
28. Post-Surgical Abdominal Wall Pain
Dan Dirzu, Ovidiu Palea, and Sarah Choxi
29. Back Pain: It's Not Always Arthritis
Tariq Muslim Malik
30. Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems
Deepty Agarwal, Ifeyinwa C. Ifeanyi, and Mercy A. Udoji
31. Ketamine Use and Opioid-Tolerant Cancer Patients
Fardin Yousefshahi, Giuliano Michelagnoli, and Juan Francisco Asenjo
32. Patients With Substance Abuse and Chronic Pain
Dmitri Souzdalnitski, Denis Snegovskikh, and Julia K. Hunter
33. Psychiatric Comorbidities in Chronic Pain Syndromes
Nancy J. Beckman and Marie B. Tobin
34. The Treatment of Pain in Pregnancy and Lactation
Ali Ebrahimi and Geeta Nagpal
35. Bupivacaine and Glucocortoid-Induced Myonecrosis
David Grodon, Ahmad Khattab, and Magdalena Anitescu
36. Epidural Blood Patch
Kenneth D. Candido, Teresa M. Kusper, Bora Dinc, and Nebojsa Nick Knezevic
37. Opioid-Induced Hyperalgesia, Tolerance and Chornic Post-Surgical Pain: A Dilemma Complicating Postoperative Pain Management
Dalia H. Elmofty
38. Fibromyalgia
Reem Jan and Dawen Zhang
39. Anticoagulation Regimens and Interventional Pain Procedures
Christine Oryhan, Kevin Vorenkamp, and Daniel Warren
40. Perioperative Epidural Pain Management in Children
Alina Lazar
41. Neuraxial Anesthesia in Co-existing Neurologic Conditions
John Henry Harrison and Magdalena Anitescu
42. The Vasovagal Reflex and Neuraxial Techniques
Magdalena Anitescu and Chirag Shah
43. Local Anesthetic Toxicity in Regional Anesthesia
Magdalena Anitescu
44. Interscalene Catheters: Complications and Management
Hassan Aboumerhi and Tariq M. Malik
45. Acute Pain in the Opioid-Tolerant Patient
Ignacio Badiola, Tulsi Singh, Jiabin Liu, and Nabil Elkassabany
46. Anticoagulation in Regional Anesthedia
Issam A. Mardini, Jiabin Liu, and Nabil Elkassabany

About the author: 

Magdalena Anitescu, MD, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Program Director for the Multidisciplinary Pain Medicine fellowship, and Section Chief of the Pain Management Service at the University of Chicago Medicine. She completed a surgical internship at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Anesthesia residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and an interventional Pain Medicine fellowship at Cleveland Clinic Foundation. An accomplished national and international educator and author of numerous textbook chapters and scientific papers, Dr. Anitescu focuses her research on improving the quality of life of patients with acute, chronic, and cancer pain by multimodal, multifaceted variate interventions.

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