Dignity in the Legal and Political Philosophy of Ronald Dworkin

ISBN : 9780199484171

Salman Khurshid; Lokendra Malik; Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco
511 Pages
162 x 236 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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Dworkin advances an interesting conception of dignity close to the Kantian view, where self-respect and authenticity play a key role. He adds the novel element that dignity is an attitude towards ourselves. However, the complexity of his view can be easily overlooked if we do not understand his proposal concerning value holism and his interpretative position of ethical and moral concepts. This volume celebrates the thoughts of Ronald Dworkin on dignity. The contributors have critically engaged with different perspectives of Dworkin's thoughts on dignity. The aim is to shed light on the understanding of dignity as either a foundation of human rights or as a supra value that illuminates other values and rights.


Foreword by John Finnis
introduction by Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco's
Part I Integrity, Values , Interpretation, and Objectivity
Ronald Dworkin: Life and Works
Lokendra Malik
Integrity and Truth in Law's Empire
Jonathan Crowe
Dworkin's Perfectionism
James E. Fleming and Linda C. McClain
Interpretation in Normative Domains
Alexander Brown
Justice, Integrity, and the Common Law
Trevor R.S. Allan
Taking (Human) Dignity and Rights Seriously: The Integrated Legal, Moral, and Political Philosophy of Ronald Dworkin
Imer Flores
Are There Any Interpretative Concepts?
Pritam Baruah
Part II Dignity, Responsibility, and Free Will
Interpreting Human Dignity
Allen W. Wood
Dworkin's Dignity Under the Lens of the Magician of KoPGnisberg
Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco
Does Dignity Help in Thinking about Paternalism
Barbara Baum Levenbook
Dignity, Rights, and Virtues in the Department of Values
Isabel Trujillo
Part III Freedom of Speech, Right to Privacy, and Human Rights
Dignity and Free Speech
David Richards
Ronald Dworkin and Free Speech
James Allan
Exit Hercules: Ronald Dworkin and the Crisis of the Age of Rights
Lorenzo Zucca
Part IV Dignity, Constitutions, and Legal Systems
Revamping Associative Obligations
George Pavlakos
Dworkinian Dignity: Rights and Responsibilities of a Life Well Lived
Erin Daly
Ronald Dworkin's Judge: Philosopher Master of Rights
Salman Khurshid
A Dworkinian Reading of the Indian Constitution
Suhrith Parthasarathy
A Dworkinian Right to Privacy in New Zealand
Mark Bennett and Petra Butler
afterword byJustice A.K. Sikri
About the Editors and Contributors

About the author: 

Salman Khurshid is senior advocate, Supreme Court of India. Lokendra Malik is advocate, Supreme Court of India. Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco is head, School of Law, University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

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