Cytopathology (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198717362

Behdad Shambayati
608 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
May 2018
Fundamentals of Biomedical Science
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Cytopathology provides a wide-ranging overview of the microscopic study of normal and abnormal cells, showing how current visualization methods are used to study cell structure, and how early detection of abnormal cell pathology can lead to timely clinical interventions.


1 Viv Beavers: Introduction: a glance at the past, a glimpse of the future
2 Andrew Evered & Behdad Shambayati: Preparation techniques
3 John Crossley & Beverley Crossley: The cervical screening process
4 Andrew Evered: Normal cervical cytology
5 Andrew Evered: Abnormal cervical cytology
6 John Crossley & Paul Cross: Quality issues in cervical screening and cytology
7 Andrew Evered: Diagnostic cytopathology
8 Behdad Shambayati: Cytology of urine
9 Behdad Shambayati: Serous effusions and peritoneal washings
10 Behdad Shambayati: Lower respiratory tract cytology
11 Behdad Shambayati: Fine needle aspiration cytology
12 Paul Cross & Behdad Shambayati: Cytology of head and neck
13 Stephen Blackman & Behdad Shambayati: Basic semen analysis
14 Behdad Shambayati: Cytology of the biliary tract and pancreas
15 Bruno Ping & Margaret Morgan: Advances in cytopathology
16 Andrew Evered: Data analysis in cytopathology
17 Andrew Evered: Expertise in cytopathology

About the author: 

Behdad Shambayati is Consultant Clinical Cytologist at the Cytopathology Department, Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals Foundation Trust, Chertsey, Surrey

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