Evaluating Civic Youth Work: Illustrative Evaluation Designs and Methodologies for Complex Youth Program Evaluations

ISBN : 9780190883836

Ross VeLure Roholt; Michael Baizerman
200 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jul 2018
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Most youth civic engagement evaluation studies fail to reach beyond specific audiences, thereby hindering the diffusion of evaluation practice wisdom around effective methods to evaluate complex social innovations. This book therefore provides multiple case studies of youth civic engagement evaluation designs and straightforward guidance for designing youth civic engagement evaluations.


Michael Baizerman & Ross VeLure Roholt
Chapter 1: Evaluating Civic Youth Work: Explicating Evaluation Perspectives, Questions, Issues, and Choices
Michael Baizerman & Ross VeLure Roholt
Section 1
Engage Stakeholders
Chapter 2: Evaluating Youth Civic Engagement: Ask the Youth!
Katie Richards-Schuster & Rebecca Timmermans
Section 2
Describe Program
Chapter 3: Using Action-Based Research with Civic Youth Work to Enhance Program Quality
Brian Hubbard
Chapter 4: Evaluating Young People's Civic Agency
Harry Boyte
Section 3
Focus Evaluation Design
Chapter 5: A Schematic Fantasy Evaluation Plan for Public Achievement, Northern Ireland
Michael Baizerman
Section 4
Gather Credible Evidence
Chapter 6: Engaging the Whole Community to Assess Civic Engagement of Youth
Robert Shumer, Shang Lifu, Xu Huiying, Tong Xing, and Shi Pian
Section 5
Justify Conclusions
Chapter 7: Evaluation of Wimps: A Case Study of Civic Youth Work Evaluation
Paul Mattessich, Cherylynn Bassani, and Paul Smyth
Section 6
Use and Share Lessons Learned
Chapter 8: School Meeting Structures as Forms of Civic Engagement and School Evaluation
Terrance Kwame-Ross
Section 7
Chapter 9: Designing Youth Civic Engagement and Civic Youth Work Evaluations
Ross VeLure Roholt & Michael Baizerman
Chapter 10: Evaluation Practice to Enhance Civic Youth Work and Youth Civic Engagement
Ross VeLure Roholt & Michael Baizerman
Chapter 11: Alternative Frameworks for Evaluating Complex Youth Civic Engagement Programs
Charmagne Campbell-Patton

About the author: 

Michael Baizerman, PhD, MS, MS, is Professor and Director, Youth Studies, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota, and Adjunct Professor of Youth Development Leadership, University of Minnesota. He has taught in Youth Studies since 1972 and also carried out community-consultation on youthwork and youth studies locally and internationally. He has published widely in youthwork and youth studies and extensively in program evaluation.; Ross VeLure Roholt, PhD, MSW, is Assistant Professor, Youth Studies, School of Social Work, and University of Minnesota. Before joining the Youth Studies faculty, Dr. VeLure Roholt worked for two years in Belfast, Northern Ireland on issues around youth civic engagement and youthwork practice. He has consulted both locally and internationally on youthwork practice,especially in Jordan, Israel, and Palestine territories. Currently he is developing a youthwork practice, Civic Youthwork, and also continues to consult with youth organizations and groups in Jordan and Morocco around this youthwork practice.

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