Digital Dominance: The Power of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple

ISBN : 9780190845124

Martin Moore; Damian Tambini
440 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jul 2018
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Are Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft too powerful? Martin Moore and Damian Tambini draw together the world's leading researchers to examine the economic, political, and social impacts of these digital giants.


Introduction, Martin Moore and Damian Tambini
Section 1: Economy
1. The Evolution of Digital Dominance: how and why we got to GAFA
Patrick Barwise and Leo Watkins
2. Platform dominance: the shortcomings of antitrust policy
Diane Coyle
3. When data evolves into market power - data concentration and data abuse under competition law
Inge Graef
4. Amazon - an essential service and its challenge to current antitrust law
Lina Khan
Section 2: Society
5. Platform reliance, information intermediaries and news diversity: A look at the evidence
Nic Newman and Richard Fletcher
6. Challenging diversity - social media platforms and a new conception of media diversity
Natali Helberger
7. The Power of Providence: the role of platforms in leveraging the legibility of users to accentuate inequality
Orla Lynskey
8. Digital agenda setting: re-examining the role of platform monopolies
Justin Schlosberg
9. Free Expression? Dominant information intermediaries as arbiters of internet speech
Ben Wagner
10. The Dependent Press: how Silicon Valley threatens independent journalism
Emily Bell
Section 3: Politics
11. Social media power and election legitimacy
Damian Tambini
12. Manipulating Minds: the power of search engines to influence votes and opinions
Robert Epstein
13. I vote for - how search informs our choice of candidate
Nick Diakopoulos, Daniel Trielli and Jennifer Stark
14. Social Dynamics in the Age of Credulity: the misinformation risk and its fallout
Fabiana Zollo and Walter Quattriociochi
15. Platform Power and Responsibility in the Attention Economy
John Naughton
Damian Tambini and Martin Moore

About the author: 

Martin Moore is Director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power at King's College London, and a Senior Research Fellow at King's. His research focuses on political communication during election and referendum campaigns, and on the civic power of technology platforms. He is the author of The Origins of Modern Spin (Palgrave MacMillan, 2006) and Tech Giants and Civic Power (2016), and publishes frequently on the media and politics.; Damian Tambini is Associate Professor at the London School of Economics. He has served as an advisor and expert in numerous policymaking roles for the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the UK Government, and the UK media regulator, Ofcom. He has published numerous articles and books on the topic of communication, policy, and politics, including Codifying Cyberspace (Routledge, 2008).

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