Corporate Spirit: Religion and the Rise of the Modern Corporation

ISBN : 9780199372652

Amanda Porterfield
216 Pages
164 x 243 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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In this groundbreaking work, Amanda Porterfield looks at the intertwining of commercial and religious forces in the history of incorporation in the US. She focuses on three elements-the revolutionary implications of religious disestablishment, the proliferation of religious organizations, and religious organizations as models of commercial operation.


Part One: Corporate Organization in Roman Antiquity and Medieval Europe
Chapter One
Founding Visions:
The Ancient Roots of Corporate Organization
Chapter Two
So poignant a memory of the past:
Corporate Accountability in Medieval Christendom
Chapter Three
We need not see the church with the eyes:
Corporate Presence in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Part Two: Corporate Organization in America
Chapter Four
The hearty hand of friendship:
New Men and Corporate Enterprise in British America
Chapter Five
Sanctifying Contracts and Persons:
Corporate Expansion in America's infant republics
Chapter Six
The real nature and Spirit of our lives:
The Evolution of Corporate Personality, 1865-1920
Chapter Seven
The very heart and soul and spirit of our national will:
Promoting the Corporate Dream, 1920-1980
Chapter Eight
Between Faith and Delusion:
Corporate Credit after 1980

About the author: 

Amanda Porterfield is Robert A. Spivey Professor of Religion at the Florida State University. She is the author of Healing in the History of Christianity and the co-editor of The Business Turn in American Religious History (with Darren Grem and John Corrigan).

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